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FF Redeem Code Not Used Today 1 Minute Ago

Unused FF Redeem Code-Garena as a developer that is currently on the rise continues to give various gifts to their players. In addition to presenting a moco puzzle game event, recently they also shared a new redeem code this September.

Obviously this is very encouraging news, because with this code we can get various kinds of prizes that have been provided without having to buy items using our diamonds.

It should be noted that currently Garena almost every week distributes a redeem code. So that you don’t miss out on exchanging it, you can continue to update information via their social media.

You can follow Garena’s official account whether it’s on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or TikTok. Because that way you will get a notification when there is information related to the Free Fire game, including the redeem code.

redeem code

FF Redeem Code September 2022

For those of you who are looking for an redeem code and want to exchange it, then you are very lucky, because now there is a new redeem code that you can use. Immediately you can enter the code series as follows.


Having a redeem code that has not been exchanged is indeed an advantage, because you can get gifts for free.

The redeem code comes from which Garena, so every player can use it with the quota that was previously provided. That way, you can still exchange it even though it has been used by other players.

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Reward Code Redeem

The prizes that have been provided for this redeem code are as follows:

  • 1 New Year Loot Box
  • Cool Captain Shoes

For those of you who want to add to the collection of items in your account, then you can as soon as possible exchange this ff10ja1yznyn redeem code.

The next step after we get this ff redeem code is to exchange the code on Garena’s official website. You can see more details as follows:

  • Visit
  • Sign in with your already bind account
  • Fill in the column with the code FF10 JA1Y ZNYN
  • Select confirmation
  • There is a success notification

If the code can still be used, there will be a display that the exchange has been successful and you will get a prize according to the redeem code.

To be able to check the prize you need to login to your Free Fire account. Next we can check incoming messages in the game’s in-mail.

Note: Junebe the latest redeem code can no longer be used when you read this article. This is only natural because this ff redeem code is only temporary or not permanent.

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The final word

That was the review regarding the ff redeem code that has not been used for today. The gift you get may already be owned. But of course this will add to the number of collections that you already have.