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FF Discount Festival Event to be Released soon, here are the details!

The FF Discount Festival event will soon be released, of course, it will bring many attractive discounts for players.

Free Fire is a very interesting battle royale game. Not only presenting interesting gameplay, this game also presents some cool and unique items. Therefore, many players collect every item in the Free Fire game.

Well, now it’s coming soon regarding the Discount Festival Event in the game. Want to know more details? Let’s see the following discussion.

Free Fire Discount Festival Event Details (FF)

Ff Discount Festival Event
FF Discount Festival Event | Spin

According to Booyah, this event will take place from 18 June 2022. So this is the right moment for you to get lots of discounts on some cool items at Fre Fire.

Here are some conditions that you should know about the Free Fire Discount Festival Event (FF):

  1. There are a total of three shops in this event.
  2. Each store offers 9 different items, so there are 27 items you can buy.
  3. The discount that players will receive will be determined randomly.
  4. If the player has made a purchase above 10 Diamonds, the player will get 1 80-90% discount voucher.
  5. The voucher can only be used once for the next purchase. The use of vouchers that players get can only be used at the shop.
  6. Each store has 1 voucher, so there are 3 vouchers that players can get.

Well, the interesting thing about this FF Discount Festival Event is that it doesn’t only present various attractive discounts. But also some bundle prizes that players can claim. Here’s the list of prizes:

  • Phantom Bear Bundle
  • Golden Robe Bundle
  • Elite Pass Privilege Card
  • Elite Pass Badge
  • Incubator Royale Voucher
  • Weapon Royale Voucher
  • …and many more.

So, those are the full details of the Free Fire Discount Festival Event (FF), so don’t forget to follow the event. Oh yes, keep visiting Dafunda Game, because there are still many Free Fire Tips that we will share in the future.