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Facing MSC 2022, This is ONIC Esports' Special Message for Fans!

Facing MSC 2022, This is ONIC Esports’ Special Message for Fans!

ONIC Esports and RRQ Hoshi will soon have many prestigious matches at the MSC 2022 event.

The reason is, they will face the best Mobile Legends teams in Southeast Asia to be able to take home a total prize of US$ 300,000 and the tournament trophy.

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MSC 2022 itself will be held tomorrow, June 11, 2022 and will end on June 19.

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ONIC Esports Manager Gives Message

After failing to defend the title in the MPL ID Season 9 event, of course now ONIC Esports will target to bring home the MSC 2022 trophy.

This is certainly not easy considering that there are many other teams who are ready to hinder the team’s steps with the yellow hedgehog logo, one of which is compatriot, RRQ Hoshi.

Besides RRQ Hoshi, of course, teams from the Philippines as well as the host team are ready to surprise ONIC Esports.

Until finally, the manager of ONIC Esports, Andi Pohan, gave a special message to the team’s fans.

“Please continue to pray and support us, because without you, we are nothing,” said Andi Pohan as the manager of ONIC Esports.

The reason is, prayer and support are other factors that certainly really help the mentality of the players to be able to put out their best performance.

Therefore, let’s pray for and support the Indonesian team competing in the MSC 2022 event by promoting the hashtag #IndoPride in every MSC 2022 post.

So, that’s the ONIC Esports manager’s special message to fans of the team and supporters from Indonesia who want to support ONIC Esports.

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