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Explore the World in Your Room!

When we mention one of the best simulation games, of course we have to mention the name Microsoft Flight Simulator. This series has existed since 1982 with the DOS platform. Many thought this amateur simulator game series would never be released because the last series of this game was Microsoft Flight Simulator X which was released in 2006 even though Steam re-released this Microsoft Flight Simulator X series 6 years ago. This year, Microsoft as well as studio Asobo as the developer released this simulator game to the market.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

And as a result, many players are quite astonished with stunning and very realistic graphics. In addition, this game presents a map that is almost similar to the original. You can be a pilot who flies your plane over the Jakarta sky. On this occasion, we will discuss the latest simulator game from Microsoft and Asobo. Follow this article to the end.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Gameplay: Highly Realistic with High Complexity

When juxtaposed with simulator games such as Goat Simulator, Surgeon Simulator, or even The Sims, of course this game is very far away. The two games may be one therapy when stress blocks. Unlike the two games we mentioned earlier, Microsoft Flight Simulator presents a very complex gameplay that takes a long time to adapt to this game. In fact, if you can’t absorb quickly what this game has to offer, you can get frustrated with it.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

How come? This game exhibits high realism with details on the instruments in the plane as well as the scenery outside the plane. On the plane, you need to manually control and master everything there is. Of course, behind the complexity that is in it, this game provides tutorials for novice players.

In the tutorial you will fly a Cessna plane. The reason for using a Cessna plane as the basis for the tutorial is maybe it’s a lot simpler than an Airbus or something. In this tutorial mode, you will be taught how to navigate a plane in space, from landing to take-off.

But that doesn’t mean that when you know how to fly the Cessna plane in the tutorial, you can easily fly other planes. You can control this game with a keyboard, but the problem is that there are a few difficulties if your keyboard type is tenkeyless or without a numpad. This is because these buttons are very useful for controlling the aircraft you are flying.

Even so, the developer knows that the game they designed is not an easy game to play. Therefore, for gamers who don’t want to bother with instruments that must be set manually, you can enjoy the AI ​​Control system. Here you just need to leave all the regulatory tasks to the AI. This AI will determine how to properly fly the plane or take off. Yes, you could say, this feature is a feature for gamers who are lazy to “hide” and just want to enjoy the beautiful graphics offered by this flight simulation game.

Undoubtedly Beautiful Graphics

The most prominent aspect shown by this one flight simulation game is of course the graphics. Here you will be presented with several photorealistically taken maps. However, even though it looks realistic, the map shown in this game is not 100% accurate. For example, if you are flying a plane in Jakarta, of course there are some places that you don’t find in this game. Here too, Microsoft wants to offer a new technology that is the future technology called Cloud Processing.

This technology provides realistic maps in this flight simulator game. This technology called Cloud Processing uses your internet bandwidth speed to provide area details based on the latest satellite or map and Bing. Therefore, the faster the internet connection you have, the more detailed the world will be. Not only that, Asobo offers a Live Weather feature that uses the latest weather data obtained from satellites, making this game more interactive.


This game is certainly not for everyone, especially not for those of you who can’t wait to explore the instruments on the plane one by one. However, you can try this game if you used to have a dream as a pilot which unfortunately didn’t come true at all.