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EVOS Luminaire Target in MPL ID Season 10, Not a Champion?

EVOS Luminaire Target in MPL ID Season 10, Not a Champion?

We know that EVOS Luminaire is one of the veteran players in the Mobile Legends scene. Luminaire is also one of the 5 EVOS players who won the title of the world’s highest Mobile Legends champion, M1.

Talking about M1 or known as M-Series, of course we also know that MPL ID Season 10 will determine the top two Indonesian teams that will qualify for the event.

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EVOS Luminaire Target in MPL ID Season 10

EVOS Luminaire as one of the senior players recently revealed his target in MPL ID Season 10, didn’t he become a champion?

EVOS Luminaire
source: YT Ihsan Luminaire

“(What is the target for Season 10?) Season 10 is not my target to win, I’m targeting the M4 slot at most, but it’s like I’m suffering if I don’t win, I have to win too,” said Luminaire.

At first, Luminaire didn’t think too much about the target of winning in MPL ID Season 10, according to him the main target was to get an M4 slot. But after he thought again that it was very difficult so he decided to win that season and get a slot to M4.

How about EVOS Fams, are you sure EVOS can get the M4 slot later and become the champion in MPL ID Season 10? You have to be optimistic so that you share the same goal with this one EVOS icon, namely Luminaire.

Of course, seeing Season 9 fail and having to settle for rank 4, there are changes that EVOS Legends must make to welcome the new season later. Will there be any major changes in the line-up? We’ll just wait.

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