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EVOS Luminaire Reveals Two of the Best Selena Players Names According To Him!

EVOS Luminaire Reveals Two of the Best Selena Players Names According To Him!

Selena is a pretty annoying hero in this patch. His Abyssal Arrow is very capable of providing long stun.

One of the best Selena players in Indonesia, EVOS Luminaire, recently revealed the two best Selena players according to him.

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Not him as one of the players but the names of these two players who coincidentally they will meet at MSC 2022 later.

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Best Selena Player According to Luminaire

EVOS Luminaire
source: Special

“Selena’s best player will be at MSC later, Justin from Falcon Esports. If it’s Selena Roam, it’s still Kiboy,” said Luminaire, quoted from the MPL ID Official Instagram.

It turns out that the player is Justin from Myanmar who is a member of the Falcon Esports team. It’s interesting to wait for Selena’s game from Justin, is it really as good as what Luminaire says.

But not just one because Justin is a midlaner for the Falcon team. According to him, for Selena Roam, Kiboy from ONIC Esports still holds strong.

It will be interesting to wait whether in the MSC 2022 match, Selena will be contested or even banned by one of the teams.

Luminaire himself was previously quite famous as a user of Selena. However, this patch is indeed quite difficult because it is better used as a roamer.

Luminaire himself recently confirmed that he will continue to play for EVOS Legends, especially for the upcoming Season 10.

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