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Even though it's an online tournament, this is the reason PMGC players can go to Dubai!

This is why PMGC players are reportedly going to Dubai!

There are rumors circulating that several teams from Indonesia that will participate in the PMGC have already left for Dubai for the tournament.

And there are also some fans who do not believe in the existence of the Pro Players in Dubai, because it is rumored that the tournament will still be run online.

So, PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) 2022 is a tournament that gathers several teams from several continents in this world, and they will compete in a big event.

Due to the ongoing covid pandemic, it is difficult to give access to players who come from various countries, to one central country.

So, according to Spin Esports’ monitoring, PMGC 2022 Season 0 will be conducted online from their respective countries.

Of course this is disturbing for some countries that have a very high risk of ping dang lag, disrupting their game.

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Reasons PMGC Pro Players Can Go to Dubai!

Recently, Tencent gave news that the last slot from PMGC will be given to the team from the tournament’s center country, namely Arab.

Then the Elites United team appeared in a collection of 24 teams that would participate, indicating that this country is the country that will be the center of this big tournament.

To reduce the rise in ping, some high-risk countries will be flown to Arabia to play from there.

That way, the whole game will feel fair and there will be no problems during the game due to signal reasons.

It’s really difficult to be able to create a global tournament with players from different countries, and collect them all on one server.

It is also reported that several teams have arrived in Dubai and are making preparations for the PMGC tournament later, but it is not known who the teams are.

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Well, so that’s the reason guys why they all reportedly went to dubai, and why dubai is their destination.

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