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Even though it's buffed, this is the reason Aamon still doesn't enter Meta Mobile Legends

Even though he was given a buff in the new patch yesterday, here are some reasons why Aamon still doesn’t enter the Mobile Legends meta according to SPIN Esports.

As we know that Moonton has officially presented a new patch on June 24, 2022 yesterday for Mobile Legends. Where in the patch Aamon is one of the heroes who gets the buff.

The buff is quite large where the basic attack damage is increased, right, but according to SPIN Esports Aamon will still not enter the game meta.

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Why do we predict that Aamon will still not enter the Mobile Legends meta game? Here’s why you should know.

Farming is quite long

Meta mobile legends
Photo via YODU

Almost the same as Gusion, Aamon is also very long in farming matters. Especially when in the early game he needs quite a lot of time just for farming.

The damage from his basic attack is unreliable, Aamon is very dependent on skills when farming in the early to mid game.

Combo Skill Too Long

Aammon mobile legends
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Aamon has enormous damage from his ultimate, but it all depends on his passive. If the passive doesn’t collect much, then his ultimate damage will be normal.

However, if the passive he collects is very large, the damage skill 3 will be large. The passive itself is the aamon sword that falls on the ground.

Those are some of the reasons why Aamon still won’t enter the Mobile Legends meta game even though he was buffed in the new patch yesterday.

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