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Epic Games withdrew from GDC 2022 due to the Corona Virus!

Epic Games withdraws from GDC 2020 due to corona virus

Recently, it is known that the impact of the Corona Virus has made several game developers such as EA to Kojima Productions and Epic Games also resign from the 2022 Game Developer’s Conference (GDC) Event which was held in San Francisco due to concerns about the Corona Virus.

Through a Post on the Unreal Engine’s Official Twitter Account, they announced that they are excited to participate in GDC 2022. Unfortunately, the uncertainty surrounding health issues has made it impossible to dispatch our employees.

So it can be concluded that the team from Epic Game and UnrealEngine are worried about the Corona Virus.

Well, until this news was written, there is no information whether GDC 2022 will continue or be postponed for a while. So let’s just wait for the next news, guys!