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Epic Games will automatically refund games that have been purchased if there is a discount soon after

Have you ever felt regret after buying a game at full price but shortly after, the game was discounted? Well, it seems that Epic Games understands the feeling of disappointment when it happens. The reason is that Epic Games wants to present a new system which will provide partial refunds for those who experience this when shopping at their digital store.

It is known that one of the Epic Games Store customers recently received a partial refund from Epic Games, because the games he bought at full price got a discount shortly after purchase. The refund process is carried out automatically by the system.

“You previously placed an order at the Epic Games Store. The games you purchased at this time had a lower price, so we did a partial refund.” write an email from EGS to the user.

This of course will not make customers feel disadvantaged at all. Many EGS customers are happy with their new system.