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Epic Comeback is Real! This is the Hero Who Can Turn Things Around at the Last Minute

In playing Mobile Legends, winning and losing is common. In this game, at least good cooperation is needed to win. Even in a down position, a team can turn things around. Among the following, there are heroes who can bring a team to achieve an Epic Comeback. Who is the Hero, here’s the list.

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Lesley is the most favorite Hero in Season 8 at this time. His trademark as an expert sniper makes opponents can be killed easily because of the large critical damage. Even though the team is in an unfavorable position, if Lesley is played by the right player, an Epic Comeback can occur.


This midget hero has become often used lately, this is because his Burst Damage is quite painful in the Early and Late Game. This makes this Hero able to be the caretaker of the team’s victory even in a slumped state.


Lyla is the first Hero for Mobile Legends players. The uniqueness of this Hero is the attack distance that can exceed the attack distance of the Turrent, so Lyla can attack the Turrent even without minions. Especially if in the Late Game, this Hero can turn things around quickly. So that Lyla can make the team win in the Late Game.


The favorite Hero Mage of Mobile Legends players, Kagura. Burst Damage, Durability and Crowd Control are the skills of this Hero. Kagura is very skilled in the Early Game and Late Game. So, if in the right hands, Kagura can turn things around for her team.


Natalia is the most feared Hero Assassin in the Late Game. Although in the Early Game Hero it doesn’t really help much. But if in the Late Game, this Hero will be more painful and dangerous. To the point of being able to achieve even an Epic Comeback.