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Enemy Hyper Akai, You Must Pick This Mage To Counter Him

You are in a situation where your enemy picks hyper Akai so don’t be afraid, you just pick this mage hero to counter him, who is the mage hero?

Hyper Akai aka Akai Jungler is one of the most popular metas in Mobile Legends lately. The uniqueness and effectiveness of Akai jungler is very popular with players, even this hero is a natural counter for jungler assassins.

Lots of players are having a hard time dealing with this meta and SPIN Esports will help you.

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By giving a recommendation for a midlane mage hero that you must pick when the enemy uses hyper akai in Mobile Legends, who is he?


Hero mage op mobile legends
Photo via ArtStation

Yep the answer is Valir, this one mage hero if played as a midlane will be very troublesome for Akai hyper that is played by the opponent.

All Valir skills are very disliked by Akai, starting from skill 3 which can be immune such as purify, skill 2 which can make Akai fail to jump with skill 1.

And skill 1 is the most severe, it can make Akai hit by slow and very high burst damage continuously.

Hero mage op mobile legends
Photo via WallpaperAccess

Of course, this great ability is only owned by Valir and it is important to remember that Valir is a natural counter mage hero for the tanker heroes in Mobile Legends.

So it’s not only Akai hyper who can counter by Valir but all hero tank junglers or ordinary tanks in Mobile Legends can also be countered easily by Valir.

That’s the midlaner mage hero that you have to pick when fighting meta tanks like Hyper Akai Mobile Legends, make him miserable with this hero.

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