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End of Year Surprise, MLBB Collaborates With Two Popular Actors

Follow the excitement of the 2022 Winter Gala:

Two Actors Collaboration at MLBB Until Unlock Skin Epic Limited

Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB), the most popular MOBA game in Indonesia which last October managed to penetrate 1 billion downloads worldwide, has again released various interesting and surprising activities this December.

The event, called the Winter Gala, will present many activities that all players can participate in and also, for the first time, MLBB will collaborate with 2 popular Indonesian actors who are well known throughout Indonesia and even abroad, to become an important part of the 2022 Winter Gala. .

“Their selection at the 2022 Winter Gala was chosen based on their second character, which fits perfectly with the two iconic heroes they will play, and these two heroes are the most popular heroes played by many of our players,” said Aswin Atoni, Brand Director Moonton Indonesia. “We will introduce the two actors gradually in the first week and mid-December 2022. Don’t forget to follow the news,” he continued.

The two actors will play Chou and Gusion, two popular characters from the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang in a short film directed by Timo Tjahjanto (Timobros). This is the first short film produced by Moonton as the developer and publisher of the number one MOBA game in the world

Various Surprises at the 2022 Winter Gala

Still in the Winter Gala 2022 series, there are many other activities and surprises given by MLBB as end of year gift for all the players. Save the date so you don’t miss the fun

Starting December 19, 2022, Preorder Snowflake Dart can already be done in the MLBB game and can be used on December 26. Snowflake Dart this can be exchanged for Twilight Ticket to enter the lottery where the first draw will be able to get a Special Skin.

In addition, there are also missions that can be completed to get free skins.

In this event, players have the opportunity to unlock all heroes and all skins, as well as 10,000 MLBB diamonds for one lucky player. You do this by logging into MLBB every day for a chance to win. The more often you log in, the greater the chance of winning.

Also make sure to log in daily on December 13-25. Winners will be announced on December 26, 2022.

On December 26, 2022, get a chance to unlock 6 Epic Skins for 24 hours for all MLBB players.

The mode that used to be busy playing now reappears. Don’t miss out on playing this Chess Tower Defense Mode again because it’s only limited from December 25 to June 11, 2022.

Especially for solo fighters, there is no need to worry about losing stars and dropping ranks. Because on December 26 and 27, 2022, if you lose in the ranked mode, the stars or points will not decrease. Don’t forget to keep pushing rank on these two special days.

Follow in more detail about the Winter Gala 2022 series of activities, and also be the first to know which actors will play Chou and Gusion on their Instagram account. @realmobilelegendsid and Facebook Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Stay tuned!