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Easy Winning Tips Playing Survival Mode Mobile Legends

Survival Mode is now available in Mobile Legends, of course many players have never played this Survival Mode, don’t even know how to play it. Very different from players who have played Survival in other games. For those of you who have never played in this mode, I will give tips so you can win easily in the Mobile Legends version of Survival Mode. Here are some tips that will make it easier for you to win.

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Choose a suitable hero

Before the start of this Survival game, your team will get a choice of various Heroes. The heroes will be divided into three categories, namely Physical, Magic, and Defense. It is recommended to choose one Hero one Type for the sake of team balance. If necessary, multiply Hero Cary compared to Hero defense. For Spells it is recommended to use all types of Spells except Retribution, because this Spell is completely useless in this Survival Mode.

Come down in the same spot with team

After the Hero selection is complete, it’s time for your team to start Survival. Remember to always be with the team, never part with your own team. When the Spot pum selection is like that, you have to get off in the same area as the team. How to get each team to go down together. In this Survival Mode you can mark the location you want throughout the Map. Mark the location you want to go to so your team can go down together without being separated.

Choose Location which Quiet

Of course, after going down, it will be very difficult if the enemy is directly, especially if you meet more than one team. Of course this will be dangerous for the survival of your team in this Survival Mode. For this reason, choose the location that you think has the least number of teams in that direction. In the Spot selection there will be 3 lanes that will be passed by the Dragon. Use this opportunity to avoid the area that the opposing team has chosen the most.

Direct Search Jungle

After descending, the first thing that must be done is looking for Jungle to get Items. Kill a lot of Monsters in the area to get lots of useful items to strengthen your Hero. If you manage to kill a monster in Survival Mode, you will get a Build Item, HP Regen, Skill, and Spell HP.

Take Spell and Build Yang suitable

This is the most important thing, the selection of items that are suitable for the type of Hero. Take the Build that suits your Hero type, such as Build Magic for Mage, Build Physical for Hero Marksman Assassin Fighter, and Build Defense for Tanks. Also you can have 2 more Skill slots, that is if you kill Lord or Minion Gold. The skill is on average almost the same as the Battle Spell that we often use. And the monster will drop a skill that will be useful in the future, because the skill only has a cooldown of 5 seconds.

Avoid narrowing Zone

Another important thing is the narrowing of the Safe Zone. Safe Zone is a safe area marked with a circle on the Map. Anyone outside the zone will be damaged so that the hero’s HP will be depleted. Immediately go to the Safe Zone to avoid these losses. Because the narrower the Safe Zone area, the greater the decrease in HP for players who are out of reach.

beat many Enemy

If you meet the opposing team, immediately defeat the team. If the situation is favorable, immediately defeat them, but if the situation is not favorable, run away from the team. If you manage to kill your opponent, the opponent will drop the item, with that you don’t have to bother looking for items anymore. Because usually every player will definitely bring a good build for them.

Prioritize kill DPS Heroes

Prioritize if you meet the opposing team, defeat the Hero who has DPS first. This was clearly done to beat the opposing team easily. Keep in mind that in Survival Mode, there are usually many abnormalities about the Hero. There is a Cary type Hero but has no Damage, this is because of the Build they carry. If you want to know if your opponent has a lot of builds, you can see the number next to the HP bar. The number shows the number of Builds carried by the Hero.

Always together team

The last tip is to always be with the team without having to separate. Of course, teamwork here is very necessary because it’s impossible if you do Solo against one team at once. Because even if you die, you can still be revived by your own teammates. You are only given a time limit of 30 seconds after death to be able to revive.