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Easy Ways to Know Your Opponent's Position in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is one of the MOBA games in Indonesia smartphone Android and iOS are the most played by users in Indonesia, from small children to the elderly games this. The duration of this game can reach more than 1 hour.

In the game in Mobile Legends there is a ranking system or rankfrom Warrior to Mythic, although you can reach rank Mythic highest but once every 3 months rank it will be resetfrom here what makes the players continue to be challenged and want to continue playing when they have reached rank highest.

In play games Mobile Legends, apart from requiring a strategy, also requires team cohesiveness. in the Mobile Legends game there are mini map which serves to see the position of us and our friends in 1 team. But in mini map This can’t see the opponent’s position if the opponent’s position is far away or at the base.

Then how do we know the opponent’s position even though we are far away or at headquarters? It turns out that there is an easy way to find out the opponent’s position, namely with the modified version of the Mobile Legends application that can monitor or see the opponent anytime, anywhere.

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That way even the opponent will not be able to hide, trap us, gang up, or do anything savage! Curious to know how? see the following steps.

This tutorial can only be done on Android and no need root access. You only need to install this modified version of the Mobile Legends application.

1. Please do bind/ link the account first using Facebook on the official Mobile Legends application.

2. After doing bindthen uninstall your official Mobile Legends.

3. Download and install this modified version of the Mobile Legends application.

Download the modified version of Mobile Legends v1.2.65.2662

4. Once installed then run gamesit, when you first log in when there is a screen display “Create Character” or asked to create a new account, please choose Direct Login to be able to log in using your old account. Please login using a Facebook account.

Easy Ways to Know Your Opponent's Position in Mobile Legends

5. This modified version of Mobile Legends can be played in all modes, such as mode RANK as well as fashion CLASSIC.

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This article is only for educational / learning purposes, Hopefully in the future Mobile Legends can fix this bug and further improve its security.