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Easy Ways to Get Venom FF Backpack for Free

The Vemom FF backpack is one of the items that players can get for free at the FF x Venom event. Of course, this is good news for Free Fire players. So after yesterday players were able to get the FF x Venom bundle for free, now there is one more free item that can be obtained.

Free Fire x Venom is a collaboration event between Free Fire and franchise famous movie Venom. And this is the first time for Garena to hold a collaboration event with a franchise film. Previously, Garena only held collaboration events with games, anime, and world-famous figures.

Well, in this discussion, Dafunda Game will discuss how to get the Venom Free Fire Backpack easily. Curious about how? Come on, let’s see the full review below.

About Venom FF Backpack Backpack

Venom Ff . Backpack
Venom Free Fire Backpack | Morfeo_OFC

The Venom Free Fire backpack is one of the prizes that Free Fire players are looking for in the Free Fire x Venom collaboration event. This Skin Backpack has a very cool design and shape. Where this bakcpack looks like it has hands and feet that are similar to spiders, but there are only four of them.

Moreover, the black color makes this backpack have a very cool look. Not to mention the irregular white stripe motif that resembles a spider’s thread adds to the epic impression of the backpack. So when juxtaposed with the FF x Venom Bundle, it will be a complete blend.

The good news is that to get the Venom Backpack skin, you don’t have to spend a dime or it’s free. You need to complete several available missions before you can get the Venom Backpack. So, how do you get the Backpack skin?

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Venom FF Backpack Backpack
Free Fire | Garena

For those of you who desire or really want to get the Venom FF Backpack, don’t worry and worry. Because we will help you to get the FF Backpack skin. Here we have provided a method or steps that can help you to get the Venom Backpack skin.

  1. Open your Free Fire Game.
  2. Go to the FF x Venom Web Events menu.
  3. Choose a mission called Chaos Attack, which is the mission you must complete to get this Venom Free Fire Backpack Skin.
  4. In this mission, you need to defeat 4 different bosses in each level.
  5. To defeat the bosses, you need a token that is used to launch attacks on the bosses.
  6. You can choose three attacks that you want to launch using your tokens.
  7. Each boss that is defeated will be rewarded with certain rewards.
  8. Done.

So those are the tutorials or steps that you have to do in order to get the Venom Backpack skin. Perform the instructions above according to what we have given. Later, the backpack skin you want can be obtained easily.

This event has been taking place since today, October 10, 2022. And will end at the end of October 2022.

Thus the discussion on how to get the Venom FF Backpack Skin. What do you think about this? Don’t forget to comment below. Continue to visit Dafunda Game so you don’t miss other interesting information about Free Fire Tips from us.