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E3 2022 Ticket Purchase Page is Available

The Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3 is an annual event that gamers have always been waiting for because at this event, well-known game developers and publishers will announce their new projects.

Well, this year E3 will be held at Los Angeles Convention Center. The event itself will be held on 9-11 June. The good news is, those of you who want to attend the event can order tickets from now on.

E3 2020 Ticket Purchase Page is Available

Ticket prices for this event are around $169 or 2 million rupiah. Expensive? Do not be surprised. The most expensive ticket is version Premium Badge priced at $955 or 13 million rupiah. This ticket is used to accommodate your activities during the event, ranging from VIP access, hotel, breakfast, and lunch.

But for those who can’t come to the venue, don’t worry because the E3 event will be able to be enjoyed via free streaming services.