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E3 2022 Events Still Held As Scheduled

E3 is one of the annual events that gamers all over the world look forward to. And as we know, many similar events have recently been canceled or postponed due to the corona virus. Not a few are worried that the E3 will also take a similar step. This is understandable because health is a top priority for all parties.

But it seems that is not the case. The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) recently confirmed that the E3 2022 event will still take place. ESA also emphasized that they would pay more attention and observations to ensure the smooth running of the E3 2022 event.

One of their concerns and priorities is the health of event visitors. So even if there are no delays or cancellations of events, it is certain that E3 will be watched more seriously. They will really select which visitors are really in good health and which ones are sick.

If there are no obstacles, the plan is that E3 itself will be held on a date that will take place from 9 to 11 June.