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Drop Zone Prediction for 16 Teams in PMPL SEA Finals Fall Split 2022!

This is the Dropzone Prediction for the teams in the PMPL SEA Finals Fall Split later!

After completing the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) Indonesia 2022 Season 2 last Sunday, 3 Indonesian teams will welcome a new tournament.

PMPL ID Season 2 yesterday was just a prelude to a real big tournament internationally.

PMPL SEA is a tournament that will bring together several Pro Player teams from every country in Southeast Asia.

3 teams from Indonesia have officially registered and will play in the upcoming PMPL SEA Finals.

These teams must fight with a good strategy to be able to compete with players from other countries.

Some of these teams have already met each other, as in PMWL EAST Season 0 ago.

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Drop Zone Prediction for 16 PMPL Sea Finals Teams

Of course this is the first thing that determines the victory of each team that plays.

Talk about dropzone, some teams have the same down location, causing the war to occur at the beginning.

Of the four maps provided by Tencent for the tournament, each team has its own favorite place.

Map Erangel

Source: pml.updates

In this Erangel map we can see that not many teams meet in one zone.

Only 8 points brought together 2 teams when viewed from their favorite drop zone.

The PMPL ID Season 2 champion, Aerowolf Limax seems very safe in his own Military Base.

Map Miramar

Source: pml.updates

One of the large maps in PUBG Mobile has become a favorite map for several Pro Players when competing.

It can be seen that there is a possibility, there will be a big war in the area El Pozowhich is the favorite place of 4 teams at once.

There is RRQ Athena, Geek Fam, Xavier Team, and Yangon Galacticos who are ready to fight in El Pozo early in the game if they drop there.

From Team Indonesia, Aura Esports will collide with Team Secret in San Martin, which is the favorite place for both teams.

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Map of Sanhok

Source: pml.updates

In this map that is often full of good wars and loot, Bigetron RA seems to be in a dangerous state.

They will meet 3 teams which also often drops at Bootcampmaking a total of 4 teams there.

There is Bigetron Red Aliens, Box Gaming, Team Secret, and Iconic PH which will drop in Bootcamp.

Map Vikendi

PMPL Sea Finals
Source: pml.updates

In Map Vikendi, we can see that 3 teams from Indonesia will face each other against enemies in their respective territories.

Bigetron RA who always chose Volnova as a place to descend will be faced with Iconic PH.

At Cement Factory we can see Aerowolf Limax who i will meet Geek Fam.

Zabava will also be filled with team Aura Esports and Gaming Box which will enliven the atmosphere.

That’s more or less the prediction where they will drop if you look at some of the gameplay of the 16 teams in the PMPL SEA Finals Fall Split 2022.

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