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Dragon Quest XI Echoes of an Elusive Age: Beautiful Turn-Based JRPG

Junebe Dragon Quest XI can be a cure for gamers who miss JRPGs that use a classic JRPG-style turn based battle system. As we know that JRPGs with this style are getting extinct. New JRPG games such as Final Fantasy, and several others often leave the turn based battle system.

Dragon Quest XI

Junebe a battle system model like this doesn’t seem realistic. However, this gameplay model has many fans. Dragon Quest XI is a series that was also released on PC. Because many fans are somewhat dissatisfied with Dragon Quest Heroes 1 and 2, this game series has finally been released for PC as well.

New gamers may be confused about why the Dragon Quest character looks like Son Goku and his friends. The fact is it’s true that DQ’s character designer is the maestro who created the Dragon Ball series, Akira Toriyama. The eleventh Dragon Quest series was released by one of the most influential names in the JRPG world, Square Enix. As we all know, Square Enix is ​​like durian, having a product that is both loved and hated. One of them is the case of Final Fantasy XV.

Dragon Quest XI

In this article, you will discuss Dragon Quest XI for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC versions. As for the 3DS version, you will not discuss it here. Junebe some of you are curious about the sequel to this game and want to try it, but are still a bit hesitant. If you are still in doubt, you can follow this article to the end.

Storylines that are still fun to follow

Like the previous games, the protagonist of this eleventh series does not have a definite name, and you give it your own name. At first glance, this protagonist looks similar to Trunks in the Dragon Ball series. The protagonist only realizes that he has hidden powers when he grows up. He must go to a kingdom called Heliodor to meet its king. And he finds himself a Luminary, a knight of light destined to eradicate darkness in the world.

Dragon Quest XI

Instead of being welcomed, the king of Heliodor caught him and put him in prison because the arrival of Luminary was a sign of the arrival of darkness. The protagonist finally meets his first adventurous friend, Erik. He and his friends will take him to Yggdrasil, a tree of life to destroy darkness.

Over time you will meet other characters who will accompany your adventure as Luminary to eliminate darkness for a more beautiful world. That’s the story of this game. Although it sounds cliché, Square Enix seems to be quite successful in wrapping the standard storyline of the good with the bad very well.

Back Again To JRPG Turn-based Battle

In terms of gameplay, Square Enix seems to want to bring back the nostalgia of a JRPG that previously existed with a turn-based combat system that is different from several titles that have been made by one of these well-known developers and publishers for the latest generation of consoles.

Dragon Quest XI

The graphics presented are also very pleasing to the eye. Dragon Quest XI Echoes of an Elusive Age appears with cell shaded graphics that try to combine 3D with 2D animation. And Square Enix also successfully executed the graphics. Even though it gives a 2D impression to 3D graphics, you will find a lively and detailed impression. The character’s hair will move along with the wind.

The grass that you find also sways. Dragon Quest XI Echoes of an Elusive Age also carries the concept of dynamic time. Not only the time, the weather can also change. The bright colors are also very evocative. Not only the details are slick, the magic animation also looks cool. DQ XI comes with character customization that allows players to change clothes according to their wishes.

You can also change your character’s costume with the costume of the main character of DQ VIII. How about the voice acting? Usually Japanese-language games that are converted to English often experience annoying voice acting. Not with this JRPG game, DQ XI has succeeded in providing lively voice acting.

Dragon Quest XI Conclusion Echoes of an Elusive Age: Classic Fun JRPG

Junebe some JRPG lovers can’t move on with old games that have a turn-based battle system. Many are also disappointed with FF XV, which seems to want to leave that style. DQ XI succeeded in treating the disappointments and longings of veteran gamers. Other than that, the game is executed perfectly. Kudos to Square Enix!