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Dragon Quest VIII Journey of the Cursed King: Still Exciting!

Dragon Quest VIII can be said to be the first Dragon Quest series that comes with full 3D graphics. This series is also the first series to be released by Square Enix and for PS2. This game includes the last generation JRPG for PS2. DQ VIII was released on one of the best-selling consoles of all time on November 27, 2004 for the Japanese region, and 2005 for the North American region.

Dragon Quest VIII

Because this game is arguably one of the best-selling JRPG games of its time. Square Enix has re-released this game for the Android/iOS and 3DS platforms. For the PS2 version, this game was developed by Level-5, which is one of the most well-known developers among JRPG fans.

However, for the 3DS version, development was transferred to Square Enix as the publisher. Junebe some of you haven’t played this game yet, for those of you who are curious, you can follow this article to the end.

Dragon Quest VIII Story Plot: Fun with Deep Characters

As with the previous series, DQ VIII comes with a protagonist whose name you create yourself. This game begins with the court jester from the kingdom of Trodain who steals the ancient scepter. Apart from stealing the ancient scepter, he bewitches the King Trode and queen Medea into a troll as well as a horse.

Dragon Quest VIII

Not only that, all the inhabitants of the castle were turned into plants by the court jester. Only one person remains and has not turned into anything, namely a Trodain guard. The guard, King Trode, and Queen Medea plan to break this spell by departing for Dhoulmagus.

Dragon Quest VIII

They are joined by Yangus, a bandit whose life the protagonist saves. There are several playable characters, each of which has its own advantages, including Jessica (a witch who avenged her sister who was killed by Dhoulmagus), Yangus (a robber who joined because the main character saved her life), Angelo (a naughty monk who sent to avenge the death of Abbot Francesco), Red (collector of precious treasures), Morrie (The man who runs a monster arena), King of Trode, Queen Medea, Munchie (a small rodent who always accompanies the main character on his adventures), Ishmari (resident of the Moonshadow world), and also Prince Charmles (prince of the kingdom of Argonia).

Classic Gameplay Mechanisms with Full 3D Camera Perspective

In terms of gameplay, Dragon Quest VIII Journey of the Cursed King continues the battle system that has existed in its predecessor games. DQ VIII comes with full 3D graphics, gamers can rotate the camera up to 360°.

The appearance of its predecessor with a first-person perspective mode is also maintained. The series also comes with visual controls that allow players to examine people and objects more closely than the top-down perspective used in its predecessors.

This series is also the first Dragon Quest series that comes with a fully integrated world, and when on the world map, old players will not find two-dimensional icons to show cities or dungeons. In addition, as we mentioned earlier, the DQ 8 battle system continues its predecessor game. The monsters that you will defeat will be met randomly. The PS2 JRPG era mostly still uses a random battle system. When fighting against enemies, you will move to the battle scene.

The way to continue the predecessor series also presents a battle system that comes with a first-person perspective. This style seems to be a trademark of the Dragon Quest series, even though the XI series has reduced this style.

The EXP or experience point system and leveling system still use the traditional style. Like other traditional JRPG games, when defeating enemies experience points will increase and gold.

Conclusion: It’s up to you to play on handheld or console

This game for us is a legendary JRPG game that is too bad to miss. Although the storyline is quite generic, the storyline of this game is quite fun to play. Moreover, this game has been released on handheld platforms such as Android or iOS as well as Nintendo 3DS, you can play this game outside the home or while traveling. You can also play on a PC via a PS2 emulator.