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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Review: Extensive But Poor Execution

For some gamers who are also fans of Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z Kakarot provides a breath of fresh air because it offers a new gameplay, namely the action RPG style. In addition, as we know, the Dragon Ball Z games that have been released so far, do not carry the original story completely from beginning to end. Well, Bandai Namco and CyberConnect 2, as developers and publishers, want to try to fulfill the requests of Dragon Ball Z fans by releasing this Kakarot.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

This game was originally called Dragon Ball Z Project Z. Then, a few months after development, the developer changed its name to Dragon Ball Z Kakarot. In contrast to several series that have just come out previously, which emphasize more on the fighting aspect, this game tries to experiment by creating a free roam environment. The latest game from the most famous anime franchise of all time is released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. However, is this game satisfying in terms of gameplay? On this occasion, the editor of Buddy Game will discuss this game more fully. Curious? Follow us to the end.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Gameplay

What we know so far, generally, the Dragon Ball games that we know so far come with the fighting genre, although there are some that have other genres. More than a decade ago, Bandai Namco (formerly Bandai only), released the Dragon Ball Z game with a genre other than fighting, namely Dragon Ball Z Sagas. However, the results were quite disappointing for his fans. Then, on the PlayStation 2 console, Dragon Ball Z is back like the previous genre. The next 2 generations passed, Dragon Ball Z was still released. Bandai and the developers they collaborated with released the Dragon Ball Z game which is quite unique which tries to combine fighting with a semi-action adventure style, namely Dragon Ball Xenoverse. The series was also quite successful and Dragon Ball Z was released again with the fighting genre but with 2D animation, Dragon Ball FighterZ. This game also continues the success of Dragon Ball Xenoverse.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

After the success of the two series, Bandai brought in a developer named CyberConnect 2 who is known as a developer who develops famous anime games to work on a new project called Dragon Ball Z Project Z which eventually changed its name to Dragon Ball Z Kakarot. Unlike the previous games, this game carries the action RPG genre with a super wide map. Here, you can enjoy the city as well as meadows, cliffs, and other places freely. Junebe because of the spread of games with free roam features, this series has finally brought the concept.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Although this feature is the selling point of this game, we really regret that the concept of free roam in this game from the anime by Akira Toriyama feels immature. We feel a lot of emptiness when traveling around the world of Dragon Ball. Indeed, there are some unique features such as fishing and side missions like RPG games in general. However, it still doesn’t pay for how less dense the concept of free roam is carried by this game.

Fortunately, these shortcomings can be covered with very fluid and exciting fighting. The fighting style of the Dragon Ball Z game that was previously released on PS3 and Xbox 360 is maintained. Instead of using a side-scrolling camera point of view, this time Dragon Ball Z takes a third-person perspective. In addition, you can use other characters besides Goku. Not only that, the characters you play can improve their abilities through level-ups.

Graphics and Storyline

Another thing that we really like about this game is the smooth 3D graphics and excellent animations. CyberConnect 2’s cell shaded-style graphics are used to combine 3D animation with 2D styles to emphasize the cartoon style. The effects released in this game are also quite satisfying. Moves like Kamehameha, Big Bang Attack, or Spirit Bomb look very cool and also show how brutal the battles in Dragon Ball Z are. In addition, you will also see torn clothes when these Dragon Ball fighters fight desperately against super strong enemy.

Then, another thing that we think meets our expectations is the story up to the Buu Saga. If you are very disappointed with the Dragon Ball Z Saga game, this game can be one of Bandai Namco’s responsibilities for this. You’ll find characters like Buu, the Androids, and many other characters in Dragon Ball Z. One more thing that bothered us a bit was the conversation that felt a bit stiff.


We are quite satisfied with the gameplay that this game offers, even though the free roam concept feels less useful. Junebe CyberConnect 2 should make the free roam concept more lively so it doesn’t seem empty. However, behind it all, the fighting in this game is very satisfying. Especially with bombastic effects and also flexible movements. Is this game worth playing? For you Dragon Ball Z fans, why not?