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Download Link & How to Install

Haunted Dorm Cheats – Ghost 3D or Haunted Dorm is one of the most popular games on TikTok. This game is available on Google Play Store and App Store where you can download it for free.

Through this game you will be required to run from the pursuit of evil ghosts to build a protection tower. In carrying out these missions you need to buy several items using game currency.

To collect money as the cost of purchasing items, you need to do some daily tasks or missions. Well, if you don’t want to wait long to collect money, you can use the Haunted Dorm Cheat.

Through Cheats, you can quickly get a lot of money and various other benefits. Here, we have prepared a complete discussion about download links, features and how to install Cheats in the Ghost 3D game.

Haunted Dorm Cheats

Haunted Dorm Cheats

Like other popular games, here Haunted Dorm also provides a MOD or Cheat feature to unlock various locked features. In addition, by pairing the cheat you will also get an unlimited amount of money.

To be clear, here we have prepared information about what features are offered by the Haunted Dorm Cheat:

1. Unlimited Money

First, this cheat will give you Unlimited money, aka endless. That way, you are free to buy any paid items in the Haunted Dorm.

2. All Weapons Can Be Used

Second, all weapons in the Haunted Dorm can also be used, ranging from ordinary weapons to Exclusive weapons that can only be obtained at high costs or completing even the most difficult missions.

3. Ad-Free

Third, Cheat Ghost 3D will also remove any annoying ads. So, while playing Haunted Dorm you can feel more fun.

Download Link Haunted Dorm MOD Version

Just like when you want to install the Srigala Exhaust Cheat or MOD on Bus Simulator Indonesia and various other game applications, for the use of the Haunted Dorm Cheat, each player must first download the Cheat file or the MOD version of the application.

The file is of course not available on the official Platform, but is on a special link called Mediafire. Well, here is a link or site where you can get the Cheat Ghost 3D file:


The MOD version of the Haunted Dorm file itself is only about 34 MB in size, so it won’t fill the device’s storage space. In addition, you also need a support application called ZArchiver Pro which can be downloaded here.

How to Install Cheat Ghost 3D

How to Install Cheat Ghost 3D

After successfully downloading the Cheat file and the ZArchiver Pro application via the link we presented above, now let’s move on to how to install the Haunted Dorm Cheat. Before that, you must first install the ZArchiver Pro application.

If so, please open the application and follow the steps below:

1. Go to Download

Go to Download

On the main page of ZArchiver Pro, please go to the folder Download

2. Extract MOD

Extract MOD

Then look for cheat files previously downloaded. After that, long press on the file and select Extract Here.

3. Enter Password

Enter Password

In the Extract process, you will be asked Enter Password. The passwords for it are as follows: g*bl*k you too (because it contains harsh words so we censor it)

4. Install the Haunted Dorm MOD

Install the Haunted Dorm MOD

If so, now open install Haunted Dorm MOD version (see image above).

5. Run the Haunted Dorm Game

Run Game Haunted Dorm

Now open the Haunted Dorm MOD app already installed. Then on your main page enable all cheats in a way pressing the F icon that appears on the screen.

6. Cheat Installed Successfully

Cheat Installed Successfully

Lastly, try make a purchase on the In The Use menuif the amount of money in the upper left corner increase to 99999…. it means The Haunted Dorm cheat has been successfully installed. Have a nice play!


That’s the explanation from regarding the Cheat game that is currently viral on TikTok, Haunted Dorm. After installing the cheat above, later you can get Unlimited Money to unlock all weapons to survive the pursuit of ghosts.

For those of you who like horror-themed games like Ghost 3D or Haunted Dorm, we recommend playing the game above. Then also use the cheat from the game by following the steps above.