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DOOM Eternal – A Story That Wasn't Simple Before

DOOM Eternal will take your nostalgia with this legendary FPS game to the next level. Kudos to Bethesda as the developer who has managed to work on this game and restore the memory of old gamers by re-releasing DOOM Eternal which is a continuation of the classic DOOM remake game released in 2022.

Doom Eternal

In terms of gameplay, this FPS game is not much different from the DOOM game which was released 4 years ago. However, Bethesda is working on it again with more depth in terms of the story, because the previous DOOM game had a story that was only modest. DOOM Eternal’s story is presented with a cinematic cut-scene approach that is very fun to follow. In addition, what makes the game attractive is the fast-paced style of play that is intense, full of onslaught of bullets and bombs. If you’ve never played this FPS game made by id Software and Bethesda, you can follow the Buddy Game article this time. Follow this article to the end.

DOOM Eternal Plot Story

Basically DOOM Eternal is a sequel to DOOM (2022) which takes a span of 2 years after the events of the previous game. In addition, instead of having a simple story like the prequel, DOOM Eternal presents a story that has more twists. In this sequel, the DoomSlayer must face the destruction of the earth caused by the creatures of hell that have wiped out 60% of the earth’s population. To stop this invasion from hell, the DoomSlayer must kill 3 hell Priests who are the cause of the destruction of the beloved earth.

Doom Eternal

Unfortunately, the mission to destroy the Hell Priests did not go smoothly because on its way DoomSlayer fell into a conspiracy involving other parties that made humans a source of energy for them. That’s most of the stories from DOOM Eternal whose nature is quite different from DOOM which seems more humorous and doesn’t seem too “serious”.

Keep Bringing Fast Pace Gameplay and Graphics with Stunning Effects and Details

Of course, a game must pay close attention to the gameplay aspect. For those who have played the first DOOM game which was released in 2022, you will be familiar with the fast pace style which is very aggressive in this game. In addition, to accompany the DoomSlayer in eliminating the creatures of hell, this game provides a myriad of weapons that you can choose from. There is an interesting feature that includes this game, namely Glory Kills which is the ultimate attack to execute enemies quickly.

Doom Eternal

In terms of ammunition, this series is very different from its predecessors. While in DOOM (2022) you have to explore areas to get armor and bullets, here you can control the resources you need on your journey to consume these hellish creatures. There is a new tool provided in this game, namely Flamethrower which makes a weapon that is quite powerful in eradicating enemies even though the damage is not large. However, this Flamethrower has two different work events, the first is that the enemy will drop pieces of armor when the weapon burns. And second, the pieces of armor will fall when you finish off these hellish creatures with a burning condition.

Doom Eternal

This game will be full of blood, lava, skulls, rubble, and of course, fire. Of course this game will bring a brutal sensation in addition to its very fast gameplay style. However, to rest your eyes with a burning atmosphere, there are several places that feel cooler to look at. The graphics are presented full of cool effects and also amazing details.


This game offers a brutal style of play with a super fast pace accompanied by metal music that accompanies your game. In addition, there is a new mechanic presented by id Software and Bethesda in the game, namely a more complex gameplay mechanism but not difficult for new gamers to adapt. This game also offers multiplayer features to be an alternative if you are getting tired of playing alone. The Deathmatch feature, CTF, and a new mode called Battlemode can be features for those of you who want to play with friends. For Game Friends, DOOM Eternal is a cool game that you deserve to play. Enjoy this game.