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Don't Use This Item For Julian Mobile Legends!

You must know that you should never buy or use this item even when playing Julian in Mobile Legends, what item is it?

It is undeniable that Julian is the most terrible hero in Mobile Legends at this time, he is very effectively used as an exp lane and even a jungler.

Now about that, even though it is equipped with op abilities, playing Julian can’t be careless. There is one item that is prohibited for Julian, spinners, just so you know.

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What item was it and why was it forbidden for Julian to use it?

Fleeting Time

Fleeting Time
Photo via KASKUS

The item is Fleeting Time, why Fleeting Time? Because most of the effects on fleeting time will be useless for Julian.

Previously Fleeting Time itself had the effect of reducing the ultimate cooldown which was quite large plus there was a little extra magic power for the hero who used it.

Considering Julian doesn’t have the ultimate, then he is not very suitable to use this Fleeting Time item. Just like Selena, Karina and so on, Julian is also a hero who doesn’t have the ultimate skill.

Counter Julian mobile legends
Photo via Mobilelegends: Bang Bang

So he is also a magic damage hero who is prohibited from using Fleeting Time items while you are playing.

Those are items that are prohibited from being used when you are playing Julian Mobile Legends.

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