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Don't Ban Xavier Again, Just Use These 3 Hero Counters The Most Effective

Still Xavier tires? Don’t ban Xavier again, all you have to do is pick these 3 hero counters that are the most effective at stopping him, anyone?

Picks and counters are the basic things that you must know when playing Mobile Legends, if you have understood these basic things, the chance to win is very big.

So you don’t have to think about the heroes that must be banned. Now about that, SPIN Esports has 1 suggestion for you, namely don’t ban Xavier again when playing Mobile Legends rank.

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If you have trouble fighting Xavier, then there are 3 of the most effective counter heroes, you just have to pick them up to fight them.


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First there is Guinevere, Guinevere has skill 2 which can immediately jump to the back of the opponent even during a team fight.

Now Xavier, who is usually in the back when team fights will have trouble avoiding Guinevere, not to mention Xavier’s users usually use a sprint spell so he can’t cancel the cc of Guinevere’s 2nd skill.


silvanna mobile legends

Just like Guinevere, Silvanna also has skill 3 which can immediately jump to the back of the opponent which is usually filled by Xavier and the opposing team’s hero core.

Now, Silvanna’s skill 3 is very effective at countering and even killing Xavier right away, because skill 3 can create confinement, so Xavier can’t go anywhere when exposed to this skill.


Jawhead Mobile Legends
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Finally, there is Jawhead, the initiation heroes become a frightening specter for Xavier, including Jawhead.

Jawhead has skill 2 which can throw Xavier into a team fight, so he has a chance to die and can’t help his teammates during war.

Those are the 3 most effective Xavier Mobile Legends counter heroes, so don’t ban Xavier anymore, spinners because there are a lot of counters, including the three heroes above.

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