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Does Changing the Flag Affect Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is a Moba game that is already well-known in Southeast Asia. Indonesia is a country that has the most players playing this game. In Mobile Legends there are settings that we can find in Character Info. One of these arrangements is the selection of the State flag. Here there are dozens of country flags that you can find. Of course, as the State of Indonesia, we must choose a flag with a red and white pattern. However, there are many Indonesian Mobile Legends players who choose a flag other than Indonesia. The reason is quite simple, namely to avoid Indonesian players who are noob. This is because most Mobile Legends players from Indonesia are underage players or children. Because of this, many Indo players have changed their flags to avoid child players.

And the question “Will Changing the Flag Have an Effect?”. The answer is NO. Why, because the flag in Mobile Legends is just a decoration, not to change your region. Server is the most influential system for players who are in the same region. So the server is the main key to be able to avoid players from Indonesia. Then how to avoid meeting Indonesian players, the answer is to use a VPN. With a VPN, you will have a different Server from the Indo players. You will most likely meet players from outside Indonesia if you use a VPN. So in conclusion, the Flag in Mobile Legends is nothing more than decoration, but it turns out that the Flag has a main function, namely to be able to participate in state contests. By choosing a Flag, you can represent your Country by participating in this Contest.