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Digimon World: RPG Game From The Coolest Anime Of All Time

Digimon World has made a memory for gamers of the 90s generation. Digimon is an anime series that tells the story of a group of young people who go on an adventure accompanied by several monsters that can evolve and help them overcome obstacles. Read: Best Anime Games 2022.

Digimon World

This film series was popular in Indonesia in the early 2000s. Then, a movie version of Digimon was made on October 6, 2000. The movie was no less in demand than the television series version. After the first Digimon ended, Digimon 02 was broadcast in Indonesia. The public’s interest is very big for this sequel. Because it was selling well in the market, the Digimon Game was finally released for the PlayStation with the title Digimon World.

The first Digimon game that was released on the first PlayStation was also selling well in the market. This game has interesting gameplay because you will be accompanied by a Digimon that you have to take care of. For the next you can follow the article Buddy Game to completion. Keep on following it.

Digimon World

The first Digimon World game was released for the PlayStation on June 28, 1999. For gamers who were born in the 90s, they must be familiar with this game and have memories of this game.

However, there are some gamers who have slightly missed their expectations for this game because the Digimon in this game are quite different from the television series or movie versions. In this game, instead of going back to the beginning after evolving, the Digimon that you “kept” will continue to be Digimon that have evolved.

What’s even more interesting is that you can train them, take care of them, feed them, and also take them to the toilet when they want to defecate. Every aspect of how you care for your digimon will affect the evolution of your digimon. If you are dirty in caring for it, your Digimon will turn into a dirt type Digimon. However, if you take care of it properly, your Digimon will change according to your wishes.

Digimon World 2

Unlike the first Digimon, which are similar to Tamagochi or Digivice, Digimon World 2 has a much different gameplay. This game is perfect for those of you who like JRPG games with a turn-based battle system in the style of Final Fantasy.

Not only is the battle system different, the gameplay is also very different. In Digimon World 2 you will drive a tank in a dungeon. There you will fight other Digimon. In addition, the evolution of Digimon in this sequel can reach the final evolution, namely Ultimate.

Digimon World 3

Digimon World 3 is the answer to the boredom presented by Digimon World 2 which has monotonous gameplay and world.

In this game you are back again playing as a young man, but this time you will be accompanied by three Digimon at the same time. But, when fighting only one Digimon you can use. Because the world in this Digimon game is more diverse than its two predecessors, this game presents a more colorful world.

Digimon World 4

Since the birth of the PlayStation 2, many Digimon fans have been looking forward to the continuation of the Digimon World series created for this second generation of Sony consoles. Finally, on June 6, 2005, a Digimon World game was released for three early 2000s generation consoles. This game was not only released for PS2, but also for Xbox and GameCube.

Digimon World

This fourth sequel has a very different gameplay from the previous series. You will no longer play a young child accompanied by one or more Digimon. In this game you will control the Digimon directly. The Digimon you control use weapons such as swords and others. You will also no longer meet the turn-based style of the battle system.

Digimon: Re:Digitize

In 2012, Bandai Namco together with tri-Crescendo released the Digimon game for PSP (PlayStation Portable). This game has similar gameplay to the first series.

You will play as a young man accompanied by a Digimon. And you can train, feed, and also keep the Digimon you raise clean. However, Digimon in Digimon World specifically for PSP and Nintendo 3DS are able to evolve to the last evolution.

Digimon: Next Order

After a hiatus of several years, finally Bandai Namco and BB Studio released the Digimon series for PS4. This game returns to give a taste of its predecessor that was previously released on PS2, but with much better graphics.

Digimon World

The battle system comes with a turn based style so that JRPG fans can reminisce. In this Digimon World Next Order you will meet Jijimon again. The world taken from this series is actually not much different from the first series. Read: Game Review Digimon Story Cyber ​​Sleuth Hacker’s Memory.