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Detroit Review: Become Human, Game Focused on Story Plot

Detroit: Become Human is a game that focuses more on the storyline than the interesting gameplay. The game that was developed by Quantic Dream specifically for the PlayStation 4 succeeded in overthrowing the best games such as: God of War, Far Cry 5, Overwatch, and even Dark Souls Remastered. Different from games in general, this game uses the story (story line) as the main key.

detroit become human

The story by David Cage is able to make people survive sitting continuously while playing it. The gameplay element is number 2, the most worked on in this game is the story presented by the developer.

Detroit: Become Human . Plot

The story of the Detroit Become Human game is about how the world conditions when all the work that used to be done by humans, is now replaced by Android (robots in human form). In this game, all human work is carried out by robots, from housemaids to jobs that require logic such as detectives.

game review detroit become human

The background of this story is taken in the city of Detroit in the United States in 2038. The story is told in a slow tempo and is still relatively light to understand. There are main characters that you can play in this game, namely: Connor, Markus, and Kara. When playing this game, you will be faced with options that will determine the storyline. In this game you can act like a director because you can determine the ending of the story depending on the options taken.

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The Detroit Become Human game is different from other Choice genre games. Here you have to put forward the human side and observe the conditions around the character before making a decision. If the right decisions are made, the level of success of the mission will increase. On the other hand, if the storyline is careless, it can be more complicated.

Emotion Squeezing Simulation Game

The atmosphere simulation presented in this game is very complex. You will not be faced with choice A or B, but you must develop a series of strategies so that the ending of the story can end the way you want. One thing that is interesting in this game is because the storyline is made more tense because you will be like being chased by time in playing it. Speed ​​in choosing options is one of the determinants of the success or failure of your mission while playing. This deadline allows players to focus more on the game.

review detroit become human

The story that is presented is really intense. Each character is depicted struggling hard to be free from the trappings of a heartless Android robot. Kara’s struggle to survive, Markus who doesn’t want to die, and Connor continuing to fight each case for survival is dramatically portrayed.

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Their journey as Androids finally culminated in the moment that turned them into Deviants, namely Androids who have emotions like humans. Different from Android that looks like a robot in general, Deviant is described as an Android that has facial expressions and emotions like humans.

Characters in Detroit: Become Human

As explained above, in this game you will play the role of Connor, Markus, and Kara. Connor is (an) Android who has a firm and slightly innocent character. Connor itself is the latest Android that is equipped with more advanced features than most Androids. This is what allows Connor to be assigned as an Android who works as a professional detective.

character review detroit become human

The second character is Mark. He is an Android assigned to take care of a rich grandfather named Carl. Carl is equipped with the ability to treat very well according to the protocol embedded in his system. In addition to working as a nurse, Mark is also a fairly well-known artist in the city of Detroit. The third character is Kara who is a nurse Android. Kara is a beautiful and warm Android woman. Kara’s job is to take care of the children. Kara is bought by someone named Todd who needs a new Android to take care of his child named Alice.

Detroit Graphics: Become Human

In addition to the story plot which is quite impressive, one of the advantages of this game is in terms of graphics. Indeed, to keep people from leaving while playing it, the graphics quality of the game must really be maximized. This game is dominated by stunning cutscenes. The colors, details and environment around the game characters are made as detailed as possible. Even the facial expressions shown also look like humans in general. This real visualization makes gamers feel at home playing it. Read: Best PS4 Games 2022.

ps4 game review detroit become human

Detroit Videos: Become Human


The visual quality of the graphics will be even more satisfying if you play this game on PS4 Pro at 4K UHD resolution settings. But unfortunately, the detailed description of the characters is damaged by the NPC (Non Playable Character) which is very rigid and lacks interaction. The lack of NPC interaction and conversation with the main character is a minus in this game. In addition, another drawback of this game is the lack of checkpoints so that if you make the wrong decision you have to repeat a long series of stories from the beginning.