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Details of Daniel Radcliffe's Latest Film, The Lost City of D

As if not having a natural brake for a break, actor Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter), will be back in his latest film project, The Lost City of D.

Then what and how is it The Lost City of D? Does it have anything to do with the movie The Lost City of Z which was released in 2022 ago? Let’s go straight to the discussion.

If you look at the page IMDB The Lost City of D itself, we can conclude that the film has nothing to do with the film featuring Charlie Hunnam (Sons of Anarchy) as the main star.

Kidnapping Movie

Daniel Radcliffe the lost city of D
The Lost City of D | Cinemags

The Lost City of D tells the story of a reclusive novelist (Sandra Bullock) and her boyfriend, a handsome model (Channing Tatum), who are suddenly kidnapped and thrown into the forest. So from there, the two of them had to find a way to be free from kidnapping immediately.

So are there any details regarding Radcliffe’s character/role in this film? Oh, of course. It will be one villain. We can confirm that he will play one of the kidnappers.

But remember. All of this is still really early. So let’s just wait for further details in the future. Brothers Aaron and Adam Nee (Band of Robbers) will be the director.

While the scriptwriter is Dana Fox (Couples Retreat) and Oren Uziel (Mortal Kombat). Main story idea from Seth Gordon (Horrible Bosses), and Bullock’s Fortis Films will house the production.

Daniel Radcliffe Rarely Becomes a Villain

Wow Daniel Radcliffe became villain? That’s cool. Moreover, he is rather rarely a figure villain that is really villain.

Because as we know as in the movies: Horns (2013), Now You See Me 2 (2022), and Escape From Pretoria (2022), Radcliffe, plays the character villain which basically I did not mean to. Or, villain in the eye that catches it. In fact, he is still the protagonist.

So yeah, this role will really look and feel fresh both to Radcliffe and to all fans-his. However, will he be very successful in the characteristics of this new role? Welllet’s just wait and see later okay?