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Designing Cheap and Strong Assembled Gaming PCs with Prices

As the gaming industry develops, the development of PC gaming is also getting faster. Manufacturers are also competing to offer products with gaming labels so that gamers are influenced that their products are indeed for gaming.

Gaming PC

Usually products labeled as gaming have the most striking characteristics, namely the RGB LED feature. Even though RGB LEDs don’t really have an impact on performance.

However, now it has become a kind of obligation that gaming components or devices must include these features.

After the heyday of Dell’s Alienware a few years ago, ASUS is now occupying the seat of glory with its gaming line, ROG.

Gaming PC

Not only that, several brands such as MSI, EVGA, Gigabyte, and many others also don’t want to be left behind in the battle for gaming devices for PC gaming.

Not only laptops, they also make VGA cards, motherboards, and much more. Manufacturers are also competing to make gaming devices with tons of features.

For those of you who are looking to assemble a gaming PC, this time the editor of Sobat Game will discuss an article on how to assemble a gaming PC that fits in your pocket but without reducing its performance.

Designing the Perfect Gaming PC on a Budget

Many think that to play PC games, we need more money. Therefore, many gamers think that it is better to play games on consoles than on PCs.

There’s actually nothing wrong with that opinion. However, what about gamers who like to play games that are only comfortable playing on a PC? There are several things you should pay attention to when assembling a gaming PC, the first is the motherboard

Gaming Motherboards and Processors

There are many different motherboards on the market. In addition, many manufacturers or brands are competing to offer their gaming motherboards with interesting features.

Usually gaming motherboards are equipped with RGB LED features, and it seems this has become a must for products with a gaming label. Especially for the high-end class. Generally, high-end gaming motherboards feature LEDs with more varied effects.

Gaming PC

You should also pay attention PC processor what should you use. Before the release of Ryzen, AMD was underestimated because its performance was not comparable to its power consumption.

Now you can choose between Ryzen or Intel processors because both have their respective advantages. Besides that, AMD Ryzen also has a performance that is not less interesting.

For those of you who want to assemble a PC with a platform Intel there are two sockets that you can choose from including sockets 1151 and 2066. For those of you who want to build a high-end rig, you can choose to take socket 2066.

Actually you can also build high-end rigs with socket 1151 however, motherboards with socket 1151 only have 4 memory slots. While 2066 has 8 slots.

For AMD, you can choose an AM4+ socket motherboard for Ryzen 7 processors and below. For those of you who want more performance, you can choose a motherboard with a TR4 socket or a special high-end AMD processor (Threadripper). Here’s a list of the best gaming motherboards along with their prices.

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Gaming PC Case

Another thing you should pay attention to when building a PC is the case. Casing is a place where all the components you have are placed. Actually, you might not use a casing.

Gaming PC

But by using a casing, your PC components can be safer. There are three types of casings, including mini towers, middle towers, and full towers.

The types are divided according to size. Mini tower: for small size, middle tower: for medium size, full tower: for large size.

Gaming PC

Mini tower case

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Middle Tower case

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Full Tower Case

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What you should pay attention to when choosing a casing is the material and also the ventilation. Here’s a list of the best gaming PC cases.

PC Gaming PSU

There is the most important component when you build a PC, namely the PSU or Power Supply Unit. The function of the PSU is to provide power to every component on your PC.

A good PSU is one that is able to provide appropriate power and provide high efficiency. To find out, you can choose a PSU with the 80 Plus label (regular, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Titanium), although sometimes there are PSU cans that include this logo.

Gaming PC

Another thing that is an indicator of a good PSU is the brand itself. Choose well-known brands such as Corsair, Cooler Master, and many others.

PSU / Power Supply Unit

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