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Description of the Metro Event: Back To Aurora PUBG Mobile!

Here’s an explanation of the PUBG Mobile Metro Event!

Season 16 of PUBG Mobile was just released a few days ago in the game, bringing a lot of new features in it that have been promised.

One of them is the emergence of the Metro event which changes several features in PUBG Mobile such as the emergence of Erangel Metro and events Metro: Back To Aurora.

In Season 16, PUBG Mobile is really filled with tons of monsters and radioactive themes that make this game even cooler.

With the Erangel map changing for a while, making the game even more challenging than before.

Erangel Metro & Metro: Back To Aurora

If you have downloaded the Erangel Metro event map, you will notice that there is a change in the map where there is a new subway line.

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The points on the map are stations that you can enter to be able to move and loot in them.

There are 4 subway lines that you can choose from, and in each game only 2 will appear randomly, namely lines A, B, C, and also D.

In the underground station, a monster will appear, and there is also a radioactive zone that makes your blood slowly decrease.

The trains that are brought there will give you access to move to the next station, and give you items to be brought back to the lobby, and you can use it to supply in Metro Royale mode.

Source: pubgmobile_id

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There are also Metro Event: Back To Aurora which will give you lots of prizes that you can exchange when you meet the requirements.

This event will tell you to explore the existing underground map, and at each stop, you will be given a mission to complete.

If you succeed, you will continue to the next point, and until the last point you can get attractive prizes that will be promised.

The PUBG Mobile Season Update this time was really stressful, different from the previous event which had more exciting and fun events.

Well, that’s an explanation of the new event on PUBG Mobile right now Spinners, I hope you guys can play the event, okay!

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