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Defeat GPX 3-0, BTR Era Wins UPoint Esports Invitational

Defeat GPX 3-0, BTR Era Wins UPoint Esports Invitational

The UPoint Esports Invitational has finally reached its peak by bringing together the two strongest Mobile Legends ladies teams in Indonesia, namely BTR Era against GPX Basreng.

Using the BO5 format, BTR Era successfully demonstrated its superiority by directly overthrowing Funi cs with a score of 3-0 without reply.

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This result certainly makes BTR Era extend their dominance in the competitive scene of the Mobile Legends ladies.

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Match Recap

Photo via UPoint

The first game was immediately interesting after BTR Vival who used Karina successfully invaded the GPX team’s jungle. Until finally the team took advantage of existing advantages and managed to secure the victory.

In the second game, Vival, who got Karina again, managed to overwhelm Earl cs.

However, in that game, GPX was able to balance the aggressive game of BTR Era, although in the end, Vivian cs won again.

As if to show their dominance, BTR Era immediately played aggressively again in the 3rd game and in the end succeeded in locking the victory as well as the title of the UPoint Esports Invitational Season 2.

Fumi Eko’s Sweet Debut

BTR Era’s victory over GPX Basreng is certainly a sweet debut for Fumi Eko, who has just been brought in from GPX Basreng.

Projected to replace Valanyr who moved to MBR Delphyne, he succeeded in proving that he was the right replacement after successfully securing the MVP Final title.

Seeing his performance that has been adjusted to the BTR Era, of course it will be interesting to wait for his actions with the team again.

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