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Debut at MSC 2022, This is a Special GPX Funi Message For RRQ Alberttt!

Debut at MSC 2022, This is a Special GPX Funi Message For RRQ Alberttt!

The second day of MSC 2022 is about to start and another Indonesian representative, RRQ Hoshi, will soon be playing the match.

The first day was certainly not a pleasant day for the Mobile Legends community in Indonesia, because one of the country’s representatives had to go home early, namely ONIC Esports.

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Drian cs himself had to admit the superiority of the representative from Myanmar, Falcon Esports and had to settle for being held to a draw by the host team, Todak.

The hope of bringing the MSC trophy home to Indonesia itself, of course, still hasn’t disappeared, considering that RRQ Hoshi certainly doesn’t want to follow in the footsteps of his compatriot.

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GPX Funi Gives A Special Message To Alberttt

Photo via YT Mobile Legends

MSC 2022 is certainly not the first event for RRQ Hoshi, because the team has already tasted the tournament in 2022.

Of the squad that participated in MSC 2022, there is only one name that is currently still actively strengthening RRQ Hoshi, namely Muhammad “Lemon” Ikhsan.

This is of course a debut event for other main roster such as Alberttt, Skylar, R7, Clay and even Vyn.

Until finally, Fanny “Funi” Cynthia gave a special message to RRQ Alberttt ahead of his debut match at MSC 2022.

For MSC this time, don’t be too insecure, you are really good, you are the best jungler for me and I also know how hard you try. So, for MSC this time, just play freely, don’t worry too much,” said the Basreng GPX midlaner.

SPIN Esports itself hopes that this message can improve the mentality of RRQ Alberttt and RRQ Hoshi’s retainers ahead of their match at the MSC 2022 event.

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