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Dark Souls 3: Loyalty Makes You Frustrated and Crazy

Dark Souls 3 still carries a formula that is not much different from its predecessor series which is known for its frustrating difficulty level. Many gamers are familiar with the series made by From Software and also Bandai Namco this. This game is known as an action RPG game with a high level of difficulty. Although many gamers are quite overwhelmed playing this game, Dark Souls remains one of the best-selling games. Indeed, that is the selling point of Dark Souls. Fans are still waiting for the release of the next series.

Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 was released in 2022 ago and is here for the latest generation of consoles and PC gaming. This third sequel is also arguably the fastest selling game in Bandai Namco’s history. This game successfully sold 3 million copies worldwide in just 2 months after its release. Then, Bandai Namco and From Software released their expansion pack a year later. For those of you who haven’t tried this game, maybe you can read this article first to the end. Curious right? Let’s discuss!

Dark Souls 3’s Plot is Not Too Impressive

The third Dark Souls comes with a place setting in a kingdom called Lothic. The Lothic Kingdom has several kings with fire souls who are the key to the kingdom’s peace. You will play an undead warrior with the nickname Ashen One. The Ashen One was assigned by a woman named Fire Keeper to revive five kings named the Lords of Cinder. The five kings are Aldritch (who became a Lord of Cinder despite having a voracious appetite), Yhorm (a giant who once controlled the people he once protected), Holy King Lothric (who was resurrected to connect the First Flame), Abyss Watchers (a knight who promised to protect the world from the Abyss), as well as Ludleth the Exiled. When the Ashen Once managed to restore Lothric and the Lords of Cinder to his throne, they ventured into the ruins of the Kiln of the First Flame.

Dark Souls 3

From Software and Bandai Namco are releasing additional stories via DLC or expansion packs called Ashes of Ariandel. In this expansion series, you will find a new area called Ariandel. You will play again as the Ashen One who meets a wandering knight named Gael who begs to enter the Panted World and fulfills a prophecy to bring “Fire for Aiandel.” The inhabitants of this world pleaded with Ashen One to burn the Painted World because of the prophecy.

Dark Souls 3

After the release of the DLC or Ashes of Ariandel expansion pack, The Ringed City appeared as the second DLC. In The Ringed City, the Ashen One begins his odyssey from a place called The Dreg Heap which is an area where the ruined kingdoms of different eras pile up on top of each other. From The Dreg Heap, after fighting through the ruins of Lothric castle, Ashen One meets a knight named Lapp who has lost his memory. That’s basically the story of Dark Souls 3 and its expansion pack.

For gameplay, Dark Souls 3 doesn’t have much difference when compared to its predecessor. The high level of difficulty remains the main attraction of this RPG action game. For you old Dark Souls players, you shouldn’t have to adapt long when playing this third series. One thing that is interesting about this game is its realistic, and this is what makes it difficult to play. This stamina feature is an important feature of Dark Souls 3. When you slash or dodge, your stamina meter will decrease. When your stamina runs out, you have to hide to a safer place to increase your stamina.
This is why playing Dark Souls 3 requires strategy and planning. Dark Souls presents a very slow battle phase. You will feel a heavy sensation in this game. Then you don’t expect a fighting style Devil June Cry in this game.

Conclusion Only for those of you who love challenges

Do you feel that the games you have played so far are not challenging? You can try Dark Souls 3 to challenge yourself. This game is the last iteration of Dark Souls which is very satisfying, in terms of gameplay and atmosphere, although the storyline is quite confusing. For those of you who are ready to play this game, we say Excited! and don’t give up!