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Cyber ​​Hunter Review: Battle Royale Game for Potato Phones

Not always Battle Royale games can only be played on expensive cellphones. One of them is the Cyber ​​Hunter game created by NetEase. This game has futuristic graphics, it’s fun, and what’s interesting is that this game can be played on cellphones with potato specs, aka mediocre. When viewed from the way of playing, this game is not much different from PUBG or Free Fire. The concept of weapons and the appearance of a modern avatar make this game seem like the Apex Legends game.

cyber hunter game

Cyber ​​Hunter Gameplay

Just like other Mobile Battle Royale games, Cyber ​​Hunter you will fight with many other players in an arena that will continue to shrink. You can play this game in solo, duo, or four in 1 team mode. The essence of this game is the same as PUBG’s Battle Royale, where players will compete against each other and must be the only survivor if they want to win it.

cyber hunter android and ios game review

An interesting feature in this game is the skill feature that allows each player to have the skill to make a tree or set up a large portable shield for cover. In addition, there are also healing skills to heal your dying friends. To use this skill, you need Quantum Energy. In-game characters can also perform parkour stunts, climb buildings, and glide from hills with the help of drones.

cyber hunter android game review

Cool and futuristic gameplay effects make this game look very cool and high tech. All weapons in this game are very sophisticated. In addition, you can also drive futuristic cars scattered in various places on the map.

Cyber ​​Hunter Graphics Quality

Cyber ​​Hunter’s graphics are pretty cool. When compared to other battle royale mobile games, Cyber ​​Hunter’s graphics are more like Free Fire than PUBG. Not too detailed, but still comfortable enough to look at. The graphics of this game are quite good but sometimes it still feels a little lag due to the FPS drop.

graphic cyber hunter game review

If the specifications of your cellphone are already potatoes, you can lower the graphics quality to make it smoother when played. Luckily for those of you who have a gaming cellphone with high specifications, you can play this game with the best graphic quality.

Character Customization

When playing the game, you can choose two characters of different genders. The male character is named Max while the female character is named Zero. Later, NetEase will add other characters that you can use. Just like other battle royale games, each player can customize the chosen character. You can change the face shape of the character you choose. At the beginning of the game, you can use the customization feature to design the character according to what you want.

cyber hunter iphone game review

You can also change the hairstyle, eyes, cheeks, lips, and even change clothes to make it look cooler. NetEase applies a fairly fair game concept. All costume sets and weapons offered will not add any effect. Weapons and costumes are only designed to make your character look cooler and more attractive.

Cyber ​​Hunter Gameplay Videos

Cyber ​​Hunter Futuristic Weapon Collection

The collection of weapons in the Cyber ​​Hunter game is quite a lot. You can combine weapons with e-cores for more deadly special effects. The following is a collection of available weapons that we divide by category:

cyber hunter android game review

  • Auto Rifle (Liberty Alpha and Drake Buster), this type of weapon is suitable for beginners because it has a balanced performance
  • Rare Auto Rifle (Crusader), this weapon is very good for close combat or combat. Weapon name:
  • Semi-Auto Shotgun (Tiburon, Killer Whale). Very strong to kill enemies at close range. But this weapon must be used with other weapons because it is not good for long range
  • Arc-Shotgun (Vortex). Can target the enemy without having to aim at it
  • Healing Shotgun (Nightingale). Designed to heal the player’s HP. Cannot kill other players.
  • Auto SMG (Omega and Foxtrot). Can take out a lot of bullets in a short time. Very good to face many enemies at the same time. Unfortunately, this weapon is not good at long range
  • Single-Shot Sniper Rifle (Soulsnatchers). Has very high damage and can kill enemies in one shot if it hits a vital point
  • Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle (Empty Coffin). Very good for beginners because it can kill enemies from a distance with the help of a scope. Unfortunately the damage it has is only a rifle class.

Cyber ​​Hunter Game Download Link

The Battle Royale Cyber ​​Hunter game can be downloaded and played on Android and iPhone phones.

You can also play this game on a Windows PC, to download the Windows version of Cyber ​​Hunter, click here.


Cyber ​​​​Hunter game offers the sensation of playing Battle Royale that combines the sensation of hunting, shooting, exploration, and futuristic weapons typical of the cyber world. Various kinds of tools and weapons provided can produce damage that is quite painful and not monotonous. You can also make your character even cooler with various customization options. Luckily, this game can be played on Android phones and iPhones with potato specifications (responsible). But sometimes there is still lag or frame drop. If you want to enjoy the game smoothly, you must have the highest graphics settings and must have a gaming cellphone with high specifications. Read: Best Multiplayer Games 2022.