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CTR: Nitro Fueled, Classic Game Remake, Great Visuals

CTR: Nitro Fueled is a remake version of CTR (Crash Team Racing) which was very popular with PlayStation One console players. The game, which was originally created by Naughty Dog in 1999, was later remade by Activision with Beenox Interactive. The remake version of the CTR game is guaranteed to bring you further nostalgia with this hit game that was very popular in the 90s.

CTR nitro fueled game review

The classic game remake trend is one of the steps for developers and publishers to revive old game franchises so they can keep up with the times. After previously appearing remakes of Mario Kart and Sonic Racing games, now Activision does not want to be left behind. CTR: Nitro Fueled promises to be a game worth playing. You can try the latest version of the Crash Team Racing game on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Classic Gameplay with Modern Effects

The remake game certainly has better graphics quality. Likewise with the game CTR: Nitro Fueled. For those of you who have played this game on PS One, you must already know how to play this game. Crash Team Racing is not just racing game normal. When racing, you can pick up box-shaped items that contain weapons or items to speed up the vehicle.

review crash team racing nitro fueled

The most noticeable change in this game compared to its predecessors is that the skill parameters of each character are more realistic. If in the past the Speed, Acceleration, and handling parameters were just decorations, then in this new version of the game you can really feel the difference in the skills of each character. Characters like Polar who are good at cornering make it easier to turn than Tiny Tiger, which has high speed but poor handling. Each character does have their own advantages and no one is overpowered.

Beenox Interactive keeps the old style of play. The option to get Turbo Boost by drifting is still maintained. In addition, there is also a secret path that you can use to get ahead of your opponent. For those of you who have played this game in the 90s, you may not need to adapt much.

CTR: Nitro Fueled Gameplay Videos

More Beautiful and Slick Visuals

The game Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled has the same good visual quality as the Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy game by Vicarious Visions. In general, the appearance of the graphic design is adjusted to the current console game. The race tracks also look different, more attractive and fun to watch. Although the game visuals are fresher, they still don’t forget the characteristics of the Crash Team Racing game. Junean knick-knacks and the iconic Papu pyramids are preserved, even made more attractive.

review of ctr nitro fueled

Visual Differences Original CTR vs CTR: Nitro Fueled

Then, explosion effects, skills, and others are made more cartoonish. Overall, the visual appearance of the game is not darkened so it still looks classic and natural. Several classic tracks also enliven this game. Tracks with statues that can shoot fire and rolling oil tanks can still be found in this game. Different from the previous game, all the race tracks are already open and ready for you to try.

Crash Team Racing Characters: Nitro Fueled

The characters of Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled are easier to unlock than the original game. You just need to beat every boss in Adventure Mode challenges. After winning, you can unlock other characters such as Papu-Papu, Ripper Roo, Komodo Joe, and others. You can also use cheat codes to unlock special characters like Penta Penguin.

CTR nitro fueled gameplay review

To unlock every character that is still locked, you have to play this game in Adventure Mode. Beenox is good enough to give hints to win in every challenge. When playing in Adventure Mode you will be given an explanation by the Aku-Aku or Uka-Uka mask to complete four tracks in each area so you can challenge bosses such as Ripper Roo, Komodo Joe, Papu Papu, and Pinstripe Potoroo. After you defeat all these bosses, you can fight the main enemy, namely Nitros Oxide.

Character and Vehicle Customization

In the new CTR: Nitro Fueled game, you can customize your character and car to your heart’s content. Beenox adds customization features to pamper players even more. You can change the character’s skin from a normal skin to another color or completely change its appearance. You can also customize the car body, tires, and colors. To be able to enjoy this customization feature, you have to complete all the challenges and buy it at a skin shop called Pit-Stop.

Playstation 4 ctr nitro game review

To transact at the Pit-Stop you can only use Wumpa Coin which can be obtained after playing the game. You don’t unlock items with real money. Wumpa Coin can be earned by playing the game in Adventure, classic, battle, or multiplayer modes. You can use the collected Wumpa Coins to buy special skins, characters, or cars. Meanwhile, Nitros Oxide’s Hovercraft car can only be unlocked by completing the Adventure Mode challenge with 100% completion.


This remake version of the old Crash Team Racing game does provide all the elements of the original game. But even though all the elements of the CTR: Nitro Fueled game are complete, there is still one important element that is missing, what is it? The screaming sound of each character when hit by a missile or TNT is not very prominent in this game. For those of you who used to like playing CTR games, you can definitely feel the lack of game atmosphere when the missiles hit the enemy. The character’s voice that is lost during the race is one of the big drawbacks in this game. Read: Best PS4 Games 2022.