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Complete Information Reset Season 24 Mobile Legends, Season Skins, ETC!

Complete Information Reset Season 24 Mobile Legends, Season Skins, ETC!

Reset season 24 Mobile Legends will finally arrive in just a few days.

Of course, players are now starting to question what prizes they will get when the season resets later.

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Answering this question, SPIN Esports has finally summarized all the complete information regarding the reset season 24 of Mobile Legends.

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When is the Season 24 Reset?

Seeing that there are only 25 days left, when viewed from the current date, season 24 will end on June 25, 2022 future.

This of course leaves you with at least three weeks to pursue the rank you want to achieve.

That time is certainly still very long for you to reach the tier you dream of and get lots of prizes afterwards.

Skin Season 24

Photo via Mobile Legends Update

Although it has not been officially announced, the leak regarding the skin season 24 of Mobile Legends has finally been leaked.

The skin is for the hero Grock named Ancient Totem with the theme of the ancient sun kingdom.

In addition to the skin season, of course you are also entitled to get Battle Points, Tickets, and Mythic Battle Emotes when you reach Mythic rank.

Tier S24 to S25 . Adjustment

mobile legends season rank

Tier adjustment after the season reset will be the same as before where players who reach a high tier will start over from the lowest tier.

This of course gives you a great opportunity to reach the global top because it is certain that you will start from a tier that is not too far apart.

Season 25’s First Purchase Skin

Photo via Mobile Legends Daily

Welcoming the upcoming new season, Moonton has prepared cool skins that you can get at a very cheap price.

The skin is referred to as the first purchase skin which will be priced at only 100 diamonds.

For season 25, Alice will certainly get an exclusive and cool skin that can be obtained only in that season.

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