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Complete Information About BTR Ryzen, King of Bigetron's Clutch!

This is the Profile of the famous Rusher from Bigetron Red Alien, BTR Ryzen!

Talking about PUBG Mobile, of course you know some of the names of athletes who make proud, and shocked the world of PUBG Mobile Indonesia.

There are so many names that have become big because of their achievements in the PUBG Mobile game, both nationally and internationally, one of which is BTR Ryzen.

This Bigetron Esports athlete is already known by almost all PUBG Mobile fans in Indonesia because of his extraordinary skills, slaughtering all enemies in front of him.

Even with this skill, he often hangs out with other streamers who are older. Let’s see who this BTR Ryzen really is, and what has he done at Bigetron Esports?

Ryzen . BTR Profile

Ryzen has a real name Muhammad Albi, who was born on June 14, 2002. He joined Bigetron Esports as a player for the PUBG Mobile division at the end of 2022.

Ryzen is one of the new players who has quickly made a name for himself by winning the PMCO 2022 Spring Split SEA.

He is a very good rusher in the Red Aliens team, with the nickname Super Mangosteen, he can kill all enemies in front of him!

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Before Ryzen entered, even Bigetron Red Aliens had just won PINC 2022, which made this team known to be very good at this game.

Since Ryzen’s entry, the Bigetron RA team has become even stronger by winning the PMCO Fall Split Sea, not to forget the PMPL Sea Finals which just finished last October.

Indeed, the Bigetron RA Roaster had changed since BTR Natic, which came out in mid-2022, and was replaced by BTR Microboy, but that did not make BTR fall.

There are so many Ryzen moments that many of his fans remember, such as often doing a perfect clutch, and making his team WWCD.


Here are the achievements that Bigetron Red Aliens has had since BTR Ryzen became a roaster in it:

  • 2nd Place – PMCO 2022 Spring Split: Sea Championship
  • 2nd Place – PUBG Mobile Indonesia National Championship 2022
  • 1st Place – PMCO Fall Split 2022 : Sea League
  • 1st Place – PMCO 2022 Fall Split Global Finals
  • 1st Place – PMPL Spring Split 2022 Indonesia League
  • 1st Place – PMPL Spring Split 2022 Indonesia Finals
  • 2nd Place – PMPL Spring Split 2022: SEA
  • 1st Place – PMWL East 2022 Season 0
  • 1st Place – PMPL Fall Split 2022 Indonesia League
  • 1st Place – PMPL Fall Split 2022 SEA


Right now, as of November 2022, Albi still has a relationship with BTR Babyla, who is a member of Belletron Ace.

BTR Babyla

They are a pair of esports athletes who are quite good, and each has its own role in the team.

That’s more or less the information about BTR Ryzen that we can get so far, hopefully it can be useful for you!

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