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Complete Explanation of the Latest Emblem System, Converted to Talent!

Complete Explanation of the Latest Emblem System, Converted to Talent!

Moonton will certainly make major changes to Mobile Legends which will be carried out in the near future.

The change is from the emblem system which will soon change to a talent system which of course will provide different nuances and effects.

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This is of course welcomed with pros and cons by Mobile Legends players because they are considered to be presenting something new and on the other hand they think they have to raise their emblem level again with difficulty.

Therefore, here is a complete explanation of the latest emblem system that will be present in Mobile Legends.

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Talent Level Increases As Account Level

Photo via Mobile Legends

The level of the 6 attributes will certainly increase based on the level of the existing system, so the higher your account level, the higher your talent level.

In addition, you also don’t need to worry because there is no cost to level up these talents.

Upgrades Don’t Need Battle Points

Photo via Mobile Legends

Moonton seems to be using Battle Points only to make hero purchases.

Because when a new talent has been officially released into Mobile Legends, you can’t increase it by using Battle Points.

Moonton himself will introduce Talent Essence which has a performance similar to Magic Dust in Mobile Legends.

There will be a Resource Conversion

Photo via Mobile Legends

For those of you who are worried that you have collected a lot of fragment emblems, of course now you can breathe a sigh of relief because Moonton will provide compensation.

The reason is, you will get Talent Essence according to the number of emblem fragments, Magic Dust and even Battle Points that you have used in buying the Common Emblem Chest.

This will certainly help you to increase your talent level very easily without any large additional costs that you need to do.

So, that’s the complete and official explanation of the latest emblem system that will be coming to Mobile Legends.

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