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Coming Soon, Here's Esmeralda Collector's Gameplay and Release Date!

Coming Soon, Here’s Esmeralda Collector’s Gameplay and Release Date!

For those of you Mobile Legends players, especially Esmeralda users, you must be very happy.

Esmeralda has been confirmed as a skin collector in June 2022. For those of you who are still unsure whether or not this is Esmeralda’s skin Collector. You can see the gameplay that is officially presented on this one.

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This skin called Light Envoy has a dominant blue and yellow color like Lunox skins. So, you could say this Esmeralda skin takes a little color from Lunox skins. In appearance it is very majestic and makes Esmeralda more beautiful.

But you could say this Esmeralda skin is one theme with the previous two skins, Vale and Brody. Because the dominance of the colors are fairly similar.

Esmeralda’s June 2022 Skin Collector will soon be available to you. Of course, through a Collector event, the same as before.

When Will it Release?

Skin Collector Esmeralda
source: YT King Aog

According to leaks from leakers, this skin will be released on June 4, 2022 later. Of course, along with other skin rewards.

For now, the full leak is not yet known, but for the main skin, apart from Esmeralda, you can get Lesley – Falcon Mistress and Ruby – Lady Zombie skins.

So, even if you are not an Esmeralda user you can still buy two other skins, namely Lesley or Ruby. For the price of skin Collector this June, we will inform you later.

If you look at the gameplay, will you buy Esmeralda’s skin or not?

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