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Com2uS launches official Heroes War: Counterattack service

– Com2uS launches official service around the world.

– The game features a unique story set in a post-apocalyptic setting, turn-based battles full of strategy, and dynamic action elements.

– Various events full of prizes were also held to celebrate the launch of the global service.

Com2uS (CEO James Song) announces global service launchHeroes War: Counterattack> (hereinafter “Heroes War”), a turn-based RPG game developed by this company.

is the latest game from Com2uS that carries a unique background story with a post-apocalyptic theme and has gained considerable popularity throughout the world. In addition to maintaining the general combat methods found in turn-based games, Heroes War also adds a system that makes the battles more dynamic. Players can feel the excitement of the battle with a system that allows to counter and counter-attack the enemy without waiting for their turn. This game also uses a system that focuses on character development without requiring you to get other characters. Players can sign a contract with any mercenary needed at any time with a 100% chance, you can also get the character you want easily through the “Today’s Mercenaries” feature which is given randomly every day.

Furthermore, this game offers a variety of interesting content to keep players entertained. For example, there is a story mode which is a core component of the universe various PVE content to test strategies, and PVP content where you can get various rewards by fighting other players.

To celebrate its global launch, has prepared various events. First, you can get various rewards including Mercenary Contract Scrolls for characters who have important roles in the game and SSR Skill Cards (highest skill card grade) that you want just by logging into the game every day. In addition, you can also get various prizes such as mercenaries and SSR Cards that will help you become stronger at the beginning of the game through quests and events.

Special events such as the ‘Mercenary Aslan Mission Event’ and the ‘Violet Bingo Mission Event’ are also held to make the game even more exciting as players collect all the prizes on offer.

According to Com2uS is a game that adds value to strategy combat with a system that focuses on character development. We aim to provide a different turn-based RPG experience for players around the world who love the strategy game genre.”

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