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Collection of Cool and Funny PUBG Mobile Poems, Suitable for Dismissing FF Players

The PUBG Mobile rhyme is currently much sought after by its players. The reason is that the rhyme is one of the expressions of someone about something. Poems can be in the form of joking or sarcasm to someone.

There are so many types of rhymes that we started to know, such as witty rhymes, advice rhymes, romantic rhymes, and others. However, what happens if we use rhymes to slander each other’s games? Well, that’s what is currently happening, many players from various games are quipping each other using rhymes.

PUBG Mobile is no exception, where many players are looking for PUBG Mobile rhymes to insinuate FF players. Indeed, the feud between PUBG and FF players is still ongoing and endless.

Therefore, in this discussion Dafunda Game will share with you all a collection of cool and funny rhymes from the PUBG game. Want to know what the poem is? Let’s see the following discussion.

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Collection of Cool and Funny PUBG Mobile Poems

PUBG Mobile
PUBG Mobile | Tencent

The most fun is PUBG Dong!

Take the car to greek,

don’t forget to buy kedondong,

Want to know the most fun game?

Yes, only PUBG Mobile.

Learn first, right before playing the game

llet the gravel road

tired of drinking sosro bottled tea

FF players are mostly small

don’t be pretentious, study first son

Pabji is still number one

Forgetting your ex is hard

his shadow comes in a dream

instead of holding a child

better play pubji

PUBG Mobile rhymes for real sarcasm!

At night playing PUBG at home,

Two months pregnant,

The cave that invades the enemy at home,

Sianjung is still booting.

What is the name? PUBG Mobile!

At night playing PUBG at home,

Two months pregnant,

The cave that invades the enemy at home,

Sianjung is still booting.

Don’t spoil it bro

Someone is wearing a ring

make it in the lodge area

instead of watching FF bucin

better play pubji

Diligently save the money deck!

make donuts with butter

it’s sweet and delicious

claiming to be a pro player

I want to be ready but I ask my mother for quota

PUBG Mobile rhymes for kids FF

go to the shop next door to buy LPG gas

please buy sweetened condensed milk

still want to insult PUBG

once answered eh even cry

Hehe, yes PUBG is the best

feast of eating astor

eat with family

Yaelah really proud to be number one in the play store

PUBG dong is number one in the world

Nothing can replace PUBG!

The admin bought ciki,

the ciki were eaten by Mimi the Fairy,

It’s okay to play PUBG,

PUBG is always fun in the heart

Greetings of peace

sitting in the park wearing a red shirt

hot weather it’s good to drink iced lemonade

FF kids don’t need to be angry

this is just a poem

Well, that was a collection of cool and funny PUBG Mobile poems. I hope this discussion can be useful for you. Oh yes, don’t forget to keep visiting Dafunda Game so you don’t miss other interesting information about PUBG Mobile Tips from us!