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Coffee Talk, Game Made by Indonesian Developers That Sells in the International Market

You may have heard of the Coffee Talk game. This coffee shop themed game will indeed create a sense of calm when played. So it is more suitable to be played at a leisurely time.

In this game, you act as a barista who serves customers who always hear stories from visitors, not only humans but also fantasy creatures such as succubus, elves and others.

The concept of this game, which is different from today’s games, which are mostly more competitive than relaxed, has made this game also attracted the attention of gamers and the outside media. Even media like The Guardian and The Verge also had time to review and recommend this game.

Even more proud, Coffee Talk managed to become one of the popular games played on Steam last June. We are proud that this game can co-exist with games like Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, and The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners.

Product Manager of Coffee Talk, Andrew Jeremy also expressed his pleasure and gratitude for the success achieved by Coffee Talk. He also hopes that other Indonesian-made games can follow. For additional information, they will also release a new game entitled A Space For The Unbound which takes the theme of teenage life in the 90s era.