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Coach Entruv Wants to Focus on Free Fire instead of PUBG Mobile!

The esports team in Indonesia has grown and has also given birth to many extraordinary players.

It is certain that since the emergence of the Esports division in Indonesia, our teams have also grown rapidly.

One of the teams that is the best team from Indonesia is Aura of esportswhich recently became Runner-Up in PMPL ID Season 2.

Aura Esports has many divisions in the field of Esports, the famous ones are Mobile Legends, PUBG Mobile, and Free Fire.

In Free Fire, Team Aura is one of the teams most feared by other teams, and managed to enter the FFIM 2022 Grand Finals Fall Split.

No more division PUBG Mobile who managed to get inside PMPL Sea Finals 2022 later along with BTR and Aerowolf.

The two divisions can certainly play perfectly because of the Coach who trained them well.

Coach Entruv is the coach of the Aura Esports team in the division PUBG Mobile and freefire, which produces very good players.

Coach Entruv Want to Move to Free Fire?

According to the coach’s statement on a podcast on the Youtube channel RPG Clipit says that will try to focus to FF.

For those who don’t know, Coach entruv also streams online games to entertain his fans.

Usually he plays the PUBG Mobile game, because he is more proficient in the game.

But in an interview, Coach Entruv said that he would focus on learning to play Free Fire, and might move entirely to his streaming channel.

In the future, it will be at least 2 months, I will practice for 1 to 3 months until I’m good at it, after I’m good at it I will make Free Fire content. I’m Moving to Free Fire!” said Entruv.

In the conversation he also said that he still doesn’t know whether to move completely to Free Fire, or share his time with PUBG Mobile.

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Not Good at FF, Entruv Becomes Aura’s FF Coach?

According to the coach’s vision, he also doesn’t know why he was chosen to be a coach at Free Fire.

He just said that maybe the boss of Aura Esports saw that Entruv had good potential in coaching, so he was included as a Coach.

This was also confirmed by evidence that from Entruv, who was previously in dota, then moved to PUBG Mobile, he could get a champion.

It seems that the owner of Aura believes in my skills, as well as my level of intelligence to coach a game. Because he saw my track record from dota, then pubg won too.” said the coach.

Entruv admitted that it only took him 3 months to learn new things, so it was fast for him to be able to train FF players.

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