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China Blocks Game of Plague Inc. from the App Store – China has officially blocked the game Plague Inc. from the App store, the decision is taken by the agency Cyberspace Administration of China which states that the content of the game is illegal. In his latest post, Ndemic Creations stated that the withdrawal decision was beyond their authority.

Ndemic Creations as the game developer Plague Inc. struggling to get Chinese gamers to play the game, but given that their status is only Developer there isn’t much that can be done. Ndemic Creations claimed to have contacted the relevant bodies of the Chinese government regarding this matter. But keep in mind, this withdrawal only occurs for the territory of China. Plague Inc. itself is still available to other parts of the world.

China Blocks Game of Plague Inc.  from the App Store

The players took to the platform Weibo similar Twitter China to criticize the decision to withdraw the game. “I’ve been playing Plague Inc for a long time, I’m so angry! It taught us to wash our hands often and protect ourselves… Honestly, I learned a lot about infectious diseases from this game,” wrote one. Another said “application to join Apple’s chief executive (Communist) Party Tim Cook has been submitted.”