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Check out PMPL Sea Finals Season 2 Tournament Format!

This is the PMPL Sea Finals Season 2 tournament format!

Finally, the match we’ve been waiting for since the beginning of October will be here for a few more days.

PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) Sea Finals Season 2 which is planned to start on 23 – 25 October 2022 It’s only 5 days left.

The 16 teams from each country are ready to fight to bring the name of their respective countries and teams.

For those of you who can’t wait, of course you are curious what format will be played in this tournament.

3 teams from Indonesia namely Bigetron Red Aliens, Aura Esports, and also the Champion of PMPL ID Season 2 Aerowolf Limax must be able to follow this format to be able to win the match.

PMPL Sea Finals Season 2 Tournament Format

According to what has been spread on the official account The match will be participated by 16 teams from 4 different countries and 1 from the Wildcards team.

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The total number of countries participating means that there are 6 countries, namely Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia / Singapore, Vietnam, Myanmar, and the Philippines.

The 16 teams will immediately compete, without group division as in PMPL Regular Season, to collect points.

Different from the format in PMPL ID Season 2, from 3 match days will only be available 15 rounds which will be played.

While at PMPL ID yesterday, for 3 days the teams will play as much as 18 rounds, where per day will play as many as 6 rounds.

It could be that in this match, the 16 teams will only play in 1 day for 5 rounds.

Top 4 who is in the top position will get a free slot to go to PMGC Season 0 which will be implemented brings the Southeast Asia Region.

Bigetron Red Aliens who won PMWL East Season 0 yesterday, immediately got a slot in PMGC without having to enter the Top 4 in the PMPL Sea Finals this time.

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With this, in PMGC later the strongest enemy in this match will bring Southeast Asia in another big international tournament, guys!

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