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Chances of EVOS Entering the 2022 FFIM Finals Fall High!

It is estimated that EVOS will easily pass FFML Season 2!

Free Fire Master League (FFML) Season 2 has entered Week 4, and will welcome Week 5 to come.

During these 4 weeks, we saw very good play from the 18 teams that played from all three groups.

One of the visible teams is EVOS Esports who has the highest position in Group C until this Week 4.

EVOS Esports always topped the rankings on every weekend, and never dropped.

Very Red Bull Rebellion topped the rankings in Group C, and was immediately raced by EVOS the next day.

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Can Evos Win FFML Season 2 Group C?

This Free Fire team is very fierce, like EVOS teams from other divisions. The results released never disappoint.

It’s been 4 weeks, and Evos still sits in 1st place in Group C FFML Season 2 this time.

There are no signs that EVOS will drop in the near future, because the points they have are quite far from Bigetron Bit underneath.

Is there a chance that EVOS Esports can be raced? Yes, of course there is. EVOS Esports in the rankings if they die first continuously in Week 5.

However, one of Group C must be able to get a lot of Booyah to be able to race EVOS.

Bigetron Bit and Red bull Rebellion have the greatest chance of pursuing EVOS to rank 1, and can directly enter the Finals FFIM 2022 Fall.

The team with 4 members is indeed well known in this Free Fire game, they have won many tournaments before.

With 2 main players Sam13 and Mr05Evos has a great opportunity to directly qualify for the FFIM 2022 Fall Finals later.

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2 weeks left before FFML Season 2 Play-Offs starts on 19 September 2022 future.

If the other 5 teams in Group C can’t play well in the next 2 weeks, then Evos Esports it will be confirmed to pass to the Fall 2022 FFIM Finals.

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