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Call of Duty Mobile Review: The Best Mobile FPS Game Right Now

PUBG is back, and now it’s Call of Duty Mobile’s turn to show off. For gamers, especially console and PC gamers, the name Call of Duty or COD is not foreign to the ears. This game first appeared as an FPS game with the theme of World War II, which is suspected to be quite a fierce competitor from the game from EA, Battlefield. His name rose quite rapidly, and finally the Call of Duty franchise developed themes ranging from World War II to futuristic modern warfare.

COD Mobile

Including one of the series which was released on October 1, 2022, which took modern warfare. As one of the COD series, Call of Duty Mobile gets such great enthusiasm. However, just because the enthusiasm is so great, does this game deserve to be one of the best car games in recent times? Well, on this occasion, Buddygame will discuss this game more fully. Follow this article to the end

Call of Duty Gameplay and Other Features

Battle royale games have recently gained a lot of place, especially in the multiplayer game segment. Even so, the prestige of FPS games like COD has not subsided. Including this one game. COD Mobile does not carry a battle royale style where many developers are competing to make games with this style. This game retains the old style which was translated to the mobile platform. For those of you who are Counter Strike veterans, this game can be tried. However, for those of you who rarely play FPS games on the mobile platform, of course you have to adapt. Even so, the excitement of this game can not be doubted.

COD Mobile

What’s more, this game comes with a very exciting deathmatch style. Those of you who like to compete in Counter Strike maps with deathmatch mode can also compete in COD Mobile. In addition, there is another mode that you can play, namely Frontline mode. One of the various modes in the COD Mobile game offers almost the same excitement as Frontline. This game is not a game with the battle royale genre, however, you can play this mode when your account reaches level 8.

There are new features offered in COD Mobile, one of which is Scorestreaks which allows you to use additional weapons such as drones, UAVs, and also air missiles. Coupled with the Operator Skill feature that allows you to use weapons such as gatling guns and flamethrowers that make you get a lot of scores.

Battle Royale Mode

The battle royale theme as we know the euphoria is massive. Although not the main dish of Call of Duty Mobile, the battle royale mode in this game can be used as another alternative. When we tried the battle royale menu in this game, we were quite satisfied. The developer, Tencent, was quite successful in executing the battle royale mode on Call of Duty Mobile. The battle royale mode is not the main product of COD Mobile, however, thanks to the various features, this mode has more value compared to PUBG Mobile.

COD Mobile

In battle royale mode, you will be presented with 6 class systems, including Defenders who are able to make defenses, Clowns that summon zombies or bomb-carrying robots, Scouts to track enemy tracks, and many others.

Call of Duty Mobile Game Graphics

Another great aspect of this game is the graphics. The quality of the graphics displayed is almost on par with consoles and PCs. It’s not wrong, if COD has a mobile game with the best graphics for now. For old COD players, the look of this game reminds them of their predecessor games. In the Deathmatch mode map you will find things that are similar to old COD games. Because the graphics are really good, you have to have a capable smartphone too. At a minimum, your smartphone must use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 chipset which is equipped with 3 GB of RAM and an Adreno 506 GPU. However, these specifications will not achieve the best graphics. Therefore, to get better visuals, at least your smartphone is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 class kitchen runway.


For those of you who want to reminisce or want to bring the world of COD into your hands, Call of Duty Mobile is the choice. This game is also very fun to play with your friends. You haven’t tried this game yet? Immediately download on the Play Store or on the App Store.