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Call of Duty League Playoffs Will Be Held Online!

Call of Duty League Playoffs officially hosted online, this news was confirmed last Sunday morning. The reason we already know is the Corona pandemic. Rather than risk the health and well-being of Call of Duty League players, staff and others, the 2022 season playoffs are being held online. This has become an alternative used by many game event organizers.

Along with this decision, the tournament Call of Duty has confirmed several new technologies and policies during the competition. The next round of the Call of Duty League was originally planned to take place in New York, London and Toronto. All three rounds were scheduled to take place in July, but will now be played online instead of in person.

Online Tournament Will Start In August

Call of Duty League
Call Of Duty League | TechCrunch

The playoffs which will take place in August will also take the same alternative of being held online. From the system, playoff Call of Duty League 2022 will keep the same format from 2022.

Means a double elimination bracket with the best of 5 series. Teams in 1 and 2 will get round two, teams in 3 and 4 get round one, 5-8 in Winners Round 1, and starting 9-12 in Losers Round 1.

The tournament competes for a total prize pool of $4.6 million with the winning team taking home a prize pool of $2,000,000. Previously, the Call of Duty League was held offline, the last being held on June 7-8 in Los Angeles. There is a slight concern if it is held online, namely the possibility of using cheats.

The Organizer Will Anticipate Players Using Cheats

Call of Duty League Online | Dot Esports

By being held online, it will be easier for players to cheat. The most common fraud when done online is the Cronus Mod to reduce recoil. As a result, the Call of Duty League created new rules to ensure that players don’t use the cheats.

Every player in the Call of Duty League will now have to use the “universal camera” setting that will be provided by the league. Cameras will be used to track each player’s console, controller and monitor as needed. Once players get permission to play, they must remain seated in front of the camera, this rule goes into effect for the July 10 event.

Of course, what was done by the organizers to make the tournament run smoothly and there was no cheating in it. Additionally, to give teams an exception for lags, the Call of Duty League implements a veto system that allows them to remove certain servers from being used in their matches.